Layton's Legacy Fundraising Update & Prize Winners

May 20, 2018


To everyone who donated, created, shared, left love & prayed....from the very depths of my heart...thank you.

Please know that this....THIS is going to make a difference in the lives of many, many NICU parents. And never in a million years could I have done it alone. Not only will I be able to purchase a $50 Starbucks gift card for EVERY SINGLE BED in the Level 4 NICU at U of M Masonic's Children Hospital...but I will also be able to purchase substantial gas cards for those parents that have to travel back & forth to see their baby...and provide some hotel vouchers as well.

I can't tell you how many times I have been brought to tears in the past 10 days, and not in a bad way. With everything that life has thrown at me...I can be very jaded sometimes. And while I don't live this life with a "woe is me" attitude, the fact that this is the hand I have been dealt can still bring me to my knees. And I still wonder "why?". My shattered heart will forever be in two places - part here on earth with me, and the rest up in Heaven with Ellie & Layton. But the part that is full right now, and words will never fully express the love, appreciation & thankfulness I have to everyone who helped make this a success.

I couldn't have put this all together, without the support of the amazing sponsors who made this Card Drive & Fundraiser FUN!

All prize winners have been RANDOMLY chosen for fairness, and the Prize Page has been updated!!

I have most of the winner's email already, and will forward them along to the corresponding Sponsor. Thank you again to EVERYONE for donating & creating!

I am still making my way to all the blogs on the blog hop & those who linked up in the card drive - but know I will get there!! :)

Have a wonderful Sunday!


  1. I am thrilled to be able to help and you should be getting your cards in the next few days. Thank you. Lea, for holding this event <3

  2. Thank you again for sharing your story with us and for putting together this fundraiser. <3 Hugs

  3. I feel very honored to be able to help by making cards for your very thoughtful gift cards of love! I wish I could have made more! I put a lot of love into the cards that I did make and I will be mailing them out to you tomorrow! God Bless you!!

  4. I am very grateful I was able to donate to your wonderful cause. It made so happy to see how much was raised to help the NICU parents!

  5. Just a fantastic result. I had tears in my eyes the minute I read your post and saw the picture of your adorable Layton. Congrats to all the winners. You will be giving a LOT of people a bit of sunshine in their day!

  6. Wow! Wow! Wow! I'm very very happy for this great result!!! <3
    Congrats to all the winners too!!!

  7. It was a fun hop, but also very tearful. I am so glad it was a success and will comfort parents going through such a tough time. Many blessings

  8. This is so fantastic ! Congratulations Lea, you make the world a better place <3

  9. Hi Lea, for some reason I was unable to link up the cards I made but I hope you have received them.
    Not only was this an inspirational hop but more importantly, the reason behind it and how appreciative these parents will be by your thoughtfulness. It will mean a lot, God bless you!


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