Dear Santa,

December 25, 2015

Dear Santa,
There is just one wish upon my list this year,
That you will take the time to call on someone I hold dear.
My precious child was deemed to be too beautiful to keep,
And so it's in God's nursery she spends this night asleep.
And though its many miles away, on such a busy night,
Please find the time to call on her among the stars so bright.
Oh Santa, stroke her sleeping face, and softly kiss her head,
Then leave a little stocking hanging there upon her bed.

And whisper that the gifts in it were sent by us with love,
Until we walk the golden path that leads to Heaven above.
And when she wakes and sees that she has been visited by you,
  She will know that it is Christmas day for little ones in Heaven too.
Merry Christmas, Arabella Grace.
We love you & miss you every day.


  1. Couldn't read this without commenting. As another Mama who had empty arms at Christmas time (mine have been empty a little longer) too, I wanted to let you know you're not alone ( but you know that too). Sending hugs to you xx


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