A Plain Red Cup

November 9, 2015

So, it seems according to the internet that I am supposed to be all up in arms about the Starbucks red cups.  Apparently it is a war on Christmas because the cups don't have a snowman, holly or evergreen tree on it.  Images that technically have nothing to do with the true meaning of Christmas.

It's a cup.  At a coffee store.  That has never claimed to be affiliated in any way with Christ.  They sell drinks filled with well over your daily allotment of sugar. 

I'm still stuck on the fact that it's a cup.

There are so many people out there hurting during the holidays.  I never thought I would be one of them, but here I am... wondering how to get through the next two months.  Not wanting to know what it feels like to have to celebrate Thanksgiving & Christmas after the death of my baby girl.  Daily, I cling to Christ in hopes that I will get through it all unscathed.  That I won't become bitter.  That my anger won't get in the way of this magical time of year.

You would never know it by looking at me in line at Starbucks.  I dress well, with my hair done & makeup on.  I patiently wait my turn, and order my drink with a smile.  I say thank you & make small talk with the person taking my order, and wait at the end of the counter for my drink.  I smile at the strangers waiting next to me if we happen to catch eyes. 

You would never know that inside my heart is shattered.  That I am broken by numbers & percentages.  1 in 4, 1 in 50, 1 in 200....I am the 1 in all these scenarios.  They rarely leave my thoughts.

Rather than getting bent out of shape about a red cup... why don't you look at the person in line behind you & tell the cashier that you would like to pay for their drink in that red cup.  Then turn around and wish them a very Merry Christmas.  I assure you that it will make them smile.  I would daresay that even if they don't celebrate Christmas, they will be grateful & gracious.  But more than anything... you will have been a blessing to them.

You truly have no idea what is going on in that person behind you.  They might look like me... and their heart might be broken in a million pieces, just like mine is.  That small gesture might give them a shot of happiness during a time that is overwhelming & not as joyful as it once was.

Christ isn't in a red cup.  Christ is in the hearts & thoughts of those who are His.  And maybe, just maybe....you can show Christ's love through a plain red cup this season.


  1. Except Starbucks supports the killing of babies. Sorry but I am so sick of this subject, Starucks won't get any of my money.

    1. Wow. I bare a bit of my heart, part of that being about my dead baby....and this is your comment? It is insensitive to say the least.

    2. Natalie, that is an awful comment and it doesn't belong here. You should be ashamed of yourself. You do not treat people like this. Compare your attitude to what Lea is going through and you couldn't even say one kind word to her. Perhaps reading the rest of her blog to see where her real strength comes from might help you with your unwarranted anger and bitterness. Lea posted about being kind to the person behind you in the Starbucks line and this is what you come back with?

  2. So sick what people get all in arms about. You are 100% on the mark Lea! I lost my husband unexpectedly almost 4 years ago. His 60th birthday would have been tomorrow. Who cares about a red cup. At least it is red! Love you and have been following your painful journey, keep looking up, you are an inspiration to me.

  3. Oh, I'm so so sorry with the reaction you've got here....such brave vulnerability about your pain and if we have ears to hear and a soft enough heart God speaks to us through it, and He's done so for me....I'm working through a huge life loss for my child in daily pain - I know it's totally different because I still have him, but I'm dreading the holidays and your words are an encouragement to me - thank you. I really believe that if Jesus were here today, He'd would be right where hurting people are, including the line in Starbucks, eyes and heart wide open with compassion. xx

  4. This is a beautiful story as all of your are. Thanks for opening your heart and sharing.

  5. Beautifully said! I think about you often and continue to pray for you and your family.

  6. Even with the tragedy that you've had, you still find the time and desire to help others.


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