Project Life: January Week 1

January 8, 2015

Hi blog friends!!  How is your week so far?  Mine has been busy getting ready for a wedding show that I am part of this coming Sunday, plus finishing up the editing of a wedding a shot in December.  So, it has been a sweats kind-of week in front of the computer, designing & ordering marketing materials, updated prints for my booth....that sort of thing! 

So, it is my intent to do my Project Life posts on Sundays....but Photoshop was just not jiving with my laptop on Sunday, so I've worked on my spread here & there this week when I've had a moment.  It is finally finished, and I wanted to share it with you!!
I've used a mix of newer digital product on my spread.  Did you know that Studio Calico has started offering some of their kit products digi now?!  I was SO excited when that happened this month!!  So, I've used Studio Calico's "Far Far Away" digital papers, journal cards & printable PNG's, along with the "Folio" collection from the Memory Pockets Monthly subscription at The Lilypad. 

Some of the odds & ends I've used might not be in those kits, so if you find something you have a questions about...leave me a comment & I will answer it best I can!!  :)

I've decided to do Project Life weekly this year, because trying it monthly last year was an epic fail.  I think a month is too hard to for me to try & document all together.  Some weeks I might not have a full spread...likely this week won't, because I haven't really had any photo worthy moments. will still be good to document what did take up my week, and put it together with some of the cute photos I have taken of my pups.  ;)  Their sweet faces deserve to be seen!

Well, that is everything I have for you tonight!!  Talk to you soon!

Until later,


  1. Great pages, looking forward to seeing your progress this year!

  2. Oh I can't wait to follow your PL journey! It's something I've always been intrigued about, and I looooooooove the look!! Your style is incredible and i LOVE your digi incorporation!

  3. Hi, Lea, I would love to follow your blog, as I love your work!!!! There's not maybe a chance that you could add the option to follow your blog by e-mail?? I find that a very nice and easy way to follow blogs and it would be so kind if you could add it!!! I would love to enjoy all of your work in future - your cards are so beautiful!!!
    Have a super weekend!!!


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