Gold & Glittery Gift Wrap

January 23, 2015

Hey there, blog friends!  Are you ready for the weekend?  I definitely am!  Not that we have big amazing plans or has just been a super busy week, & I'm ready for a little downtime.  (Although...we are kind-of doing that today too.  THREE days of it...yay!!! Lol!)  I've been really busy meeting with potential clients & booking weddings....which is awesome.  Yay for Elle Photography! :)

Today I have some projects up on the My Mind's Eye blog! I LOVE to give gifts, and I LOVE to make the outside just as pretty as whatever might be on the inside!  And I am always raiding my scrapbooking product whenever I have to put together a gift!  Valentine's day is right around the corner, so I went with a love theme for my gift wrapped projects today!  But, I didn't use the traditional red & pink.  I actually used gold, black & white, pulling goodies from different My Mind's Eye collections to accent the boxes.  These would be great for the man in your life because they aren't super girly, but he might not love all the glitter from the glitter wrap. {Seriously...when I was creating these, my husband was not impressed with the glitter I had ALL OVER ME. Lol.}
There is a bit of a step by step process written up on the MME blog post, so please head over there for those details!!  The majority of the supplies will be linked below, but the gift wrap is not.  So, I had to run to Walmart {shudder} for something that had been out of stock at Target, & I happened to go in the door where all the Christmas clearance was set up.  I'm a sucker for gift wrap, so I peeked through it a little bit...and found this gorgeous gold glitter wrap, & the same in silver!!  I grabbed two rolls of each at the marked 50% off, figuring I would be getting double the amount for regular price.  I went & grabbed the other items we needed, then headed to the checkout.  Each roll ended up being $1.14  {I think that was close to 90% off}....I was so happy & went on my merry way with my giftwrap full of glittery goodness.  It was almost like a treat for having to go to my least favorite store in the world!!  Just thought I would share that little story with!

Do you ever use your scrapbooking product when wrapping gifts for people?  What do you like to use?  I'd love to hear!!

That is all that I have for you today!  If you want to see sneak peeks of future projects & keep up with me on Facebook, please head on over & like the Lea Lawson Creates page!!  And don't forget to become a follower in the right sidebar so you never miss a post.  Have an awesome rest of your day!!

Until later,


  1. This packaging is so gorgeous and luxe, love!!!

  2. The gift packages are so beautiful. I love the glitter and your use of the MME products on this. Stunning design!

  3. очень-очень красиво!! и дорого! настоящий праздник!

  4. So pretty!! I just love all that gold! I loved seeing the glittery paper all over the place around Christmas, but silly me! I forgot to grab some on clearance! I'm afraid I was too busy stocking up on my Christmas candies for the year ahead. ;)


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