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March 2, 2014

Happy Sunday, blog friends!!  How are you doing today?  It's a COLD day here in Fargo, but full of at least my home is being soaked in sunlight as I stay inside with the heat on.  We had an impromptu night of food & drinks with our neighbors last was a total blast!  The greatest part...when we needed simple syrup at their house to make lemon drop martinis, all we had to do was run next door to our house to grab it.  {Not to mention....after 3.5 martinis, I only needed to walk across our front yards to get into my!}  I posted a couple fun photos from our night to Instagram, so check it out if you don't follow me!!

Today I have a new digital layout to share with you!  Once we took this photo, I knew I had to get it documented right away because it is just plain precious to me.  {Never mind the exasperated smile on my has nothing to do with the people in the photos.  I will just leave it at I should have set the camera up on a table & done it myself...}  Anyways, this is my best friend Jeremy, and his wife, Erin.  Due to life, circumstances & all that...Jeremy & I haven't seen each other since we were 20.  We've been best friends practically since the moment we met at the ages of 10 & 9 {I'm the older one....& trust me, he never lets me forget it  :) }.  And when I moved away from Tucson, we just stayed super close.  We kept in touch through letters, phone calls, & email. I visited a few times.  And as we've gotten older, technology has been on our side with Facebook, iPhones, text messaging & all that.

But nothing is as awesome as being together in person.  Nothing is as awesome as meeting each others spouses, finally....and talking & laughing like we had all known each other for years.  It was a really amazing time, and it just makes me so grateful.  Here is the layout I created to document this special dinner!
And now the ever human side of me can't wait for them to come visit us for a full weekend in Fargo.  I look forward to late nights with more laughing & talking & eating & joking & just having fun!!  Eeeeek....I wish we had plans for this, like, tomorrow!!  Lol!!

All of the digital product I've used will be linked at the bottom of my post, but I wanted to share a little bit of fun news with you.  I am a new digital team member for Deena Rutter, who creates so really fantastic digital product!  CLICK HERE to see her digital shop!
  I'll be sharing projects each month using the new product she releases, & combining it with some past releases as well!!  I'm exited to be part of this new team....& I hope that you will love my digital creations!!

Well, that is all I have for you today!  I hope that you enjoy the rest of your Sunday & have a great end to our weekend!

Until later,

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