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January 25, 2014

Happy Saturday, blog friends!!  How are you doing?  I'm doing well....just living in my little part of the arctic tundra that is also known as Fargo. ;)  Apparently we are supposed to be getting our first real blizzard of the season right, I guess that means I'm not really sure what has been going on the rest of the time here?  Lol.  We shall see how it goes...I suspect (as is the norm now) that I will hole up at home in the warm heat & do things like clean, work on my website & CRAFT!!  Yay!!

Tonight I wanted to share a couple of digital layouts that I've created using the new Glitz Design "Black & White" digital papers!!  This collection will be available digitally & physically in February!!  So exciting!!

This is Josh & me on our 11th anniversary last year.  We had about a million things going on in our life at that point, but we decided to drop it all for a weekend & head for a quick time away together.  We really only took this one photo together, but that is absolutely okay.  I still remember everything about just getting to be us for a couple of days…not having to worry about everything else going on around us.
"Celebrate Us Today" supply list: 
Glitz Design “Black & White” paper pack (coming soon!!)
Glitz Design “Cashmere Dame” element pack #2
Glitz Design “Dapper Dan” element pack #1
Glitz Design “Uncharted Waters” element pack #2
Other: Designers Digitals template & pinned banner

We also do a mini photoshoot every season in order to make sure we always have some current photos together.  We live in Fargo now, and winter is quite a bit colder than we are used to (and we are from Montana!!!).  But on Christmas day we sucked it up & went to the beautiful Fargo clock with our trusty tripod & took a few wintry photos together.  This one is my absolute faves from the day!  We will probably go out & do another winter shoot before the season is over, but I am happy that chose to go out on Christmas day & do a mini Christmas shoot. {Hmmm…do I see another tradition in our future?!}
"Forever Love" supply list: 
Other: Designer Digitals template, Pixels & Co. sequins

It has been so fun & inspiring doing more digital layouts lately....I hope that you like them as well!!  That is all I have for you tonight....I will be back next week with more projects to share! 

Have a wonderful rest of the weekend! 

Until later,

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  1. These layouts are beautiful, Lea!! I love doing scrapbooking, but have never tried my hand at doing it digitally - something I might have to consider in future!!


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