Love U Mom

May 8, 2013

I used to scrapbook.  Like, all the time.  Then I went to photography school.  And my whole outlook on photographs changed, and I became overwhelmed by the concept of paper scrapbooking.  I was never going to have enough room for years & years of scrapbooks filled with lumpy, bumpy pages.  I hated taking photographs of photographs whenever I wanted to share what I'd created.  I wanted to be able to print out a book at the end of the year that was thin, could easily fit on a bookshelf, and not take up so much room.  Not to mention...after photography school and starting up my business, I was just plain overwhelmed.

Then I started researching digital scrapbooking.  At the didn't really offer what I was looking for.  I wanted to be able to create pages that looked like they could be paper.  I wanted to create in a way that would be somewhat easy & time effective.  So, I put my thoughts on hold for a bit.  Then digital items just started looking like paper scrapping.  So, I started collecting.  Purchasing things when they were on sale, finding freebies that I liked....and then Glitz decided to enter the digital world.  I still didn't start right away.  I needed to find out how I would organize everything.  How I would know what I had, and what I wanted to use.  So, I thought.  And planned.  And prepared.  And I have finally gotten to a point where I feel comfortable starting this whole digital scrapbooking thing.

This is the first digital layout I have ever created.  And I love how it turned out.  And I really hope that you do too.  We are celebrating the women in our lives on the Glitz blog this week, so it just fit that I would do a layout about my mom.  That photo of the two of us together was taken at my birthday celebration this year...with martinis being a must!  And the photo of just my mom was taken a couple years ago at the very end of fall. 

I used a template that I found at Designer Digitals awhile back that I just fell in love with.  This is where the "easy" part comes in.  Here is what I know about myself & Photoshop.  We're pretty good friends.  I can find my way around pretty well.  But I hate brushwork.  With like, a passion.  I love that the templates at DD have a lot of brushwork done already, and I can take away what I don't like...and minimally add to it what might want.  I can also really customize them to look exactly as I want them...essentially, they are like a sketch!  Just digital. 

Glitz Design digital product can be found at  All of the current collections are available right now, with the exception of Uncharted Waters.  And there are quite a few past collections as well!  If you are a digital sure to check them out!  I think you will love them!

Supply List:
Glitz Design “Love You Madly” digital paper pack 2
Glitz Design “Love You Madly” element pack 2
Glitz Design “Color Me Happy” paper pack
Glitz Design “Cashmere Dame” element pack 1
Other: Designer Digitals template, Studio Calico “you rock” tag, Design House Digitals sequins, arrow clipping mask

I am excited to be back in the memory keeping game.  I am excited about my new adventure into digital scrapbooking.  I know that this has been a blog about cards for a VERY long time.  And I am not giving that up at all!  So, I hope that you will enjoy my posts about digital layouts along with all the cards that I will continue to create!

Let me know if you have any questions, and I will answer them as best as I can!  I hope that you have a great rest of your day!

Until later,


  1. What a great layout! I don't remember the last time you did one, and this is so pretty, you should definitely do more!

  2. Lea, just discovered your blog! AMAZING!!! Thanks for being so inspirational!!

  3. Wow I would never think this is a digital layout!! It's stunning!

  4. Miss Lea!!
    OK - first off, I love the Doodlebug sugah on the side of your page.....soooo that stuff.... And secondly, where's the life pictures? Miss those. look like your mamma. Digital so foreign to me....and I'm not a scrapbooker anyway, so I guess it doesn't matter if I get it or not - ha ha... Okies, off to see more of your pretties....

    1. Ha! You always leave the funnest comments! I have gotten out of the habit of sharing my Instagram photos...haven't I? I will work on getting back into sharing them!!

      And I love the glitter thanks!!

  5. say what?! GLitz has digital stuff! hold the phone...this could be dangerous for me:) LOVE your's so beautiful!

  6. Beautiful job Lea! I wish sometimes I could go digital but I do love the smell of glue too much!! And I have a ton of stash!!

  7. Wow, I didn't even know it was digital, amazing layout. Thanks for visiting my blog.

  8. Great page, Lea! I didn't know Glitz had digital products. Off to check these out!

    1. Oh Laura- they have amazing digital kits! I think you will love them!!


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