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October 18, 2012

Happy Thursday, everyone!  I hope you have had a good week so far!  Sorry for my lack of posting this week...I've just had other things going on!!  Don't forget...I still have stamps available in the FOR SALE Tab.  Great discounts on perfect condition stamps!!  So, I started my journey into gluten-free baking yesterday....and successfully made good tasting, correct textured corn muffins!  It was chili night at community group last night (church small group) and it seems the corn muffins were a hit....so I am pretty excited about that!  We also carved pumpkins together, and had a blast!  I have a couple of fun pumpkin photos to share...they will be after my card post.   And it's a good thing that I took a photo of it....because someone stole the pumpkin off my front porch last night.  Grrrr....sometimes people seriously suck.  :(

I have a card to share with you today using an assortment of Prima goodies!  It was part of the Fall Feature on the blog yesterday, and there were lots of other great projects in the post- so be sure to check it out!!  I used lots of pretty fall colored flowers on my card, and created a sentiment from alphabet stickers.  The metal pins from the Rondelle collection also ended up working out perfectly for this card...here is what I created!
1. Make A2 card from yellow cardstock.
2. Cut texted paper slightly smaller, sand the edges and adhere.
3. Cut a strip of floral paper, sand the edges and adhere.
4. Layer the 5 different flowers to the card front as shown.
5. Cut a banner from patterned paper and sand the edges.
6. Add the sentiment to it with stickers, stick the leaf pin through the left side and adhere to the top of the bottom flower.
7. Layer a jeweled circle, velvet charms & a metal charm to the left side of the sentiment banner.
8. Accent the large flower with a metal pin, then accent with jewels to finish.

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-Simon Says Stamp challenge - Photo Inspiration
-There She Goes #177 - Fall Fun
-The Creative Paper Trade #3 - Festive Fall
-Annabelle Say It In #89 - Colors (olive, mustard, peach)

And here are the photos of my cute little pumpkin....may he rest in peace.  :(

I have a little bit of catching up to do in terms of my Bible study notes, so let's get right to it.
James 4: 1-3
These verses have some pretty extreme visuals.  I kind-of wonder if "shock value" isn't a new thing to the human race.  You always hear people talk about how desensitized we are to things, and how everything has to shock us in order to reach us.  Well, I consider these three verses pretty shocking and they were written 2000 years ago.  So, maybe that is just a characterization of humans in general?  I don't know...just a thought.  These verses did make me think a lot, because I do struggle with selfishness.  I like things my way...I want nice things...and sometimes my selfish nature can really rear its ugly head.  I have to work hard to keep myself in check, which is exactly what I think James is trying to get across here.  It's not a bad thing to want or desire things....but we have to make sure our selfishness is never a reason to fight or argue with others and that it doesn't get in the way of our relationship with God...no matter how much we want things our way.
It also made me think about how selfish my prayers might be.  Am I praying to God with the correct intentions....with the right heart?  Am I praying to God for things that I want....even if I happen to be praying for people that I love?  Is it okay for prayer to be selfish at times?  These are questions that I don't fully know the answers to....but hope that as I continue on studying the Bible and learning that they might be answered for me.

James 4: 4-6
These verses make me really take a look at my loyalty to God.  I look around at everything I have... everything I am blessed with, and wonder if I would give it all up if God asked it of me.  Matthew 6:24 says you cannot serve two masters.  In fact...this is mentioned a lot in the Bible.  As I look back on decisions and possibilities that have been part of my life, I realize that I actually don't really fret over material things.  I love my home, all the things in it, my cameras, etc...but I know that I could also live without them if I had to, or if God asked me to.  I look at the material things I have as a blessing from God, and I try really hard to use them in ways that He would want me to.  I try to be hospitable with my home, and charitable with my cameras/talent....I try to treasure the people & relationships he has entrusted me with.  When I returned home from Kenya, I was even ready to move there if ever called.  And I stand by that- I would go where God calls me.  I want to be obedient while I live in this world....I want to be God's friend.

Until later,


  1. Stunning card as always! Beautiful detail Lea!
    TFS :)

  2. Well, 1st of all...I enjoyed your scripture notes, Lea!!! I haven't been here in too, TOO long, so I don't know how long you've been doing that, but you posed some good questions and points I have struggled with myself so many times...nice to hear I'm not the only one!! Thanks for sharing yourself so UNSELFISHLY ;)!!! 2nd of all...this card with all those Prima goodies is just gorgeous!!! So very happy you chose to share it with us at the CPT...REALLY appreciate you joining in our challenge!!!

  3. WOW! Your card is stunning, and those pumpkins are so clever (TFS)!
    Thanks so much for sharing with us at AnnaBelle Stamps this week!

  4. I have fall head over heels in love with your designs and this one is no exception! Amazing. I am a layers girl and this one is perfect. Thanks for playing along at CPT!

  5. Oh how beautiful! I love all the pretty flowers. :)


  6. Lea this is festive fall in all it's glory! Your assortment of flowers and sparkly accents is marvelous. Thank you so much for joining us at The Creative Paper Trade!

  7. Wow, your card is absolutely stunning! I love all the details. I can't believe someone stole your pumpkin. That's awful! Glad you took photos though. They're beautifully carved!

  8. I Love your card it is just gorgeous and love the verses as well.

  9. this is JUST a beautiful card. really love the composition!

  10. Lea, this card is incredible! Such rich colors and gorgeous details, WOW. :) Thank you for playing along in 'Joy's Eerie Inspiration' challenge over at the Simon Says Stamp challenge blog! xx

  11. Well. At least they stole your pumpkin instead of smashing it. It was so good they wanted it to be their own! And you look like you're about 17! You're gonna be young lookin' forever; you've got good genes, girl. That card is another stunner...

  12. WOW! This card is absolutely STUNNING! WOW. Again. For reals.

  13. Ok, this is the most GORGEOUS card ever!!!! I love the way you clustered them...stunning!!!!!

  14. Fabulous card...this is one I would pop into those bags i mentioned a few posts back..Do you mind if i pin this?
    I would do it so that traffic goes back to your blog and your name...
    I have memoriy problems from an auto accident,brain injury:(
    I pin things to remember how to make them. I would love to use this as inspiration in 2013. One of my new years resolutions is to use up my flowers. I have about ten million (at least it seems like it. They are not the gorgeous, popular ones that prima makes now...but I intend to use ideas on pinterest to layer them, bling them up and combine with jute, canvas etc to make them more "hip". Should be a fun resuolution.
    This card I would use for inspiration for my bestfriend. I have known her all my life...she would just love a card like this...she's a great gardener!!!


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