Saturday is Laced with Grace

January 22, 2011

Happy Saturday everyone!  Once again, I don't have a card to share as I explained on yesterday's post...but I wanted to make sure you head over to see the next full collection reveal called "Laced with Grace".  Click on the photo to take you to the blog:
Isn't it so rich and elegant and to die for?!  I love it!

Earlier in the week, I shared with you how I am trying to save more on the things we use often in our household.  Well, I have a couple more saving wins to share with you today!  Here is what I saved on:
Other than my dad....I am pretty sure this is a ladies zone, so I feel comfortable posting about the female product.  Anyways, the Carefree packages normally cost $1.49-1.99 depending on the store.  Walgreen's had a coupon making them $.99 this week, and then I found a $.50 off coupon online that I could print out twice.  So, I purchased two and got them for $.49 each.  The soup was also at Walgreen's, and it had a coupon making the price 4/$5.00.  I found a manufacturer's coupon online for $1.00 off 2, and I was able to print it twice.  The total price for each can of soup dropped to $.75.  This soup regularly priced pretty much everywhere is around $3 each.  It is often on sale, but not for as cheap as I got it!

I had to shop at the {dreaded} Walmart to get the Motrin and Teriyaki sauce for the best price, but I went during a time that the store is normally less busy.  It worked for me, and if it is going to save me some money...well then, I guess I will take one for the team.  I use these tiny bottles of Ibuprofen in my purse or carry on, so they are nice to have when you need to grab them.  They are normally priced $3.78, but I found a coupon online for $6 off 2.  So, they ended up being $.78 each.  We actually were in need of Teriyaki sauce in our house, so this was a great deal for us!  I found a coupon for $1.00 off 1 of any Kikkoman sauce, and I was able to print it out 3 times.  They are normally priced $1.42, and I got them for $.42 each.  Getting the deal on these 4 items took only about 30 minutes of my time, and I think it was 30 minutes well spent, because I also got other needed errands done as well.

Well, time to get going for now!  Hope you have a wonderful day! ♥♥♥

Until later,
~Lea L.

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  1. ...ohhhh the dreaded Walmart indeed! I abhor Walmart. Any day, any time. Just don't like going there for so many reasons. save a buck for my family, I gotta do what I gotta do! Love seeing your scores!


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