Alex Lambert for AI Wild Card!!!!!

March 12, 2010

{I promise there is a card in this post...just keep reading!  Tee hee!} 

So, I had totally planned to share a post today about how much Alex Lambert had improved in just 3 short weeks, and how I couldn't wait to see what other wonderful things he would pull out of his hat in the coming weeks.  Then I died a little on the inside as the results were given, and he was eliminated from the competition.  There is no way that Paige, Katie or Aaron deserve to be there and he doesn't.  I kept waiting for the judges to save him, and give us 13 finalists like last year.  Because seriously...if Anoop Desai deserved another chance....than Alex deserves it 100%.  So, during those three performances in the coming weeks...I am just going mute the TV and play this instead and pretend that Alex Lambert is still on the show.
He had some major nerve issues his first week, but the past two weeks he has been brilliant.  He has such a relevant voice for what is popular right now.  He is like the boy version of Colbie Caillat...which is a huge compliment coming from me.  She is my favorite female artist these days, and I just adore her voice.  I hope that they might surprise us next week and bring him back....but if not, I think this kid has a great career ahead of him. And he can totally rock a mullet, and it actually looks pretty good!  Gotta give him props for that! :)

Anyways...moving on.  So, I think I have found the culprit behind my love of rainbows.  I was searching for "vintage" images of things I loved during childhood (don't ask, I can be totally random sometimes when I am googling).  And I came upon these items:
Umm, do we see a pattern here?  I LOVED these characters.  I loved their toys, cartoon shows, games, books, coloring books...all of it.  For awhile I thought that the Noah's Ark and rainbow teachings in Sunday school must have made a humongous impact on my life.  Not that they didn't, but I think that these items above might have had just a wee bit to do with it too.  Tee hee!  ♥

Another thing that I loved....Lisa Frank.
I had stickers, stationary, folders, notepads....all from this lady.  Thinking I see another trend in these items...

So, there actually IS a card in this post.  I decided to do a little ode to my favorite childhood items...and came up with this cutie of a card.  I have been wanting to use the winged horse from the Hannah Montana cartridge...just wasn't really sure of what to do with it.  And why didn't they add a horn to it so I could just call it a unicorn?  It can't be considered a unicorn without the I have to call it a winged horse.  Which just seems like a really long name.  But, I digress...time to get over it.  :)
"Whimsical Wishes" supplies: 
Cardstock: Bazzill Basics & Doodlebug Designs (glittered) 
Paper: Imaginisce
Jewels: Doodlebug Designs
Glitter: Ranger Stickles
Stamp: Cornish Heritage Farms
Ink: Clearsnap (Pigment: violet) 
Corner Rounder: EK Success
Punch: Martha Stewart Crafts
Circle Cutter: Creative Memories
Diecut Machine: Cricut Expression by Provo Craft
Diecut Cartridges: Hannah Montana, Graphically Speaking by Provo Craft

Instructions:  Fold aqua cardstock in half to make cardbase, and round the bottom corners.  Round the bottom corners of a white cardstock and purple paper block, and layer to the front of the card.  Cut the rainbow rings from glittered cardstock and adhere to the front.  Cut the cloud & its layers from white and glittered cardstock at 1 3/4" using the Cricut Expression and Graphically Speaking cartridge.  Layer together, and adhere to right side of the rainbow.  Stamp the sentiment to the middle using violet pigment ink.  Cut the winged horse & its layers from pink and white cardstocks at 4" using the Hannah Montana cartridge.  Layer together and adhere to the front using dimensional adhesive.  Glitter the white parts with stickles.  Punch tiny hearts from the glittered cardstock colors and adhere to the rainbow and cloud in a scattered fashion.  Accent the rainbow ends with matching colored jewels. 

I honestly have no idea what I will do with this card.  Probably hold on to it for a little bit to see if a possible publication call comes up that it fits.  If not, I will put it for sale and hope that someone who stops in at my mom's flower/gift shop knows a girl that loves winged horses & rainbows.  Or a boy...I don't judge.  Tee hee! 

One last thing to share with you....I am SO excited for this!  EEEEEK!!!!!! 
It is going to be AWESOME!!!  Yay for June 30th...something to look forward to!!  I feel totally lame typing this, but it gave me chills watching this.  Yep- I am a Twi-hard apparently....don't judge.  Tee hee!  And if you aren't a Twilight fan....then just "shhhhhhh....." and let me live in my little world where everyone else loves it too.  :)

Well, I will leave you on that note!  I hope that your Friday night and weekend is an amazing one!  I will be back on Sunday with another Curtain Call color post!  Yay!!  ♥♥♥

Until later,

PS- thanks for all the nice comments about my gold metal win in Moxie Fab's Olympics of Stamping!  I was so excited when I saw that!  One of my favorite cards...with rainbows and everything!  Tee hee!  ♥


  1. What a pretty card Lea, and I love the story that goes behind it all. I love rainbows too, and anything with colour so your cards always inspire me :o)

  2. Loved seeing the Twilight clip! I'm a Twilight junkie too! Such a romantic tale! :)

  3. I love the card, Lea! I was a huge fan of Rainbow Bright, back in the day. Good times!

    And... well... I'm a Twi-hard too! I've read the books several times, waited impatiently to see New Moon, pre-ordered DVD's and can't WAIT to see Eclipse! I loved the trailer... Eclipse was so action packed that I think it was my favorite book.


  4. what a gorgeous card ! love the unicorn you've cut !

    & I totally agree about Alex Lambert !unbelievable ! it's about time they brought back the Wild Card episode ! tee hee !

  5. I love this post! Not only was I a child in the Rainbow Bright, My Little Pony, Lisa Frank days, but I have now been sucked into the Twilight phenomenon. Haha I'm so glad another crafter understands my love of these fun things :)

  6. Oh Lea, I was devastated and if I was in the states I would vote for him in a second! He rocks! Love him!

    Great card btw!

  7. I could stare at Jacob's abs forever!!! Someone turn down the heat please LOL! I've read the series twice and enjoyed it just as much the second time round. Can't wait to see the movie. Thanks for the trailer clips :D

  8. I totally agree about Alex! I was sad to see him go! I don't like mullets, but for some weird reason, he's looks good! And yes, he has improved SO much!
    Love all the rainbow bright and strawberry shortcake pics! Brings back so many childhood memories! :)
    Great card too, so fun!

  9. Aw, sweet Adam Lambert! I was really sad to see him go, too. He was devastated, poor thing. But your Strawberry Shortcake and Care Bears images totally put a smile on my face. It's amazing the "connection" you found between what you loved as a child and what you still love as an adult! Thank you for sharing that discovery with us!

    Your card is so cute and fun. I love the purple and the "winged horse". ;o) I love it that so many of your cards have a real meaning/inspiration behind them! ♥♥ Kay

  10. When one of our daughters was a young teen, her entire room was decorated with rainbows. Wallpaper, colors, everything so I understand your loves!

  11. Lea you totally made my Saturday with the Lisa Frank. I promise I used to collect that stuff like it was gold. LOVE IT. And then the trailer. It's going to be so good.

    Fab card too! :)

  12. Super card Lea, and I am in total agreement about Alex. Are people mad? By the way, as you know, my name is Enfys (Envis is how it's pronounced). It's Welsh, in fact, it's the Welsh word for rainbow!!!!!

  13. OMGoodness! You must be the same age as me. I so loved all of those in the 80's. Guess what I found as we were packing to move? Lisa Frank staionary packs....6 of them. I have admited before that I am a hoarder. :) I never use the last of any of my paper goods. I so need to post a pic of these. I also found my Pound Purries and Puppies. :)

    I LOVE this card. I can tell you were inspired by the My Little Ponies. :)
    Flashback! :)

  14. This card makes me so happy! I loved all of those characters too! It must be why I can't stay away from bright colors! :)

  15. Awesome card! And... I think you just helped me understand my love of rainbows... I LOVED everything that you just showed... seriously. I think we are twins... ha!

  16. In Greek mythology, the flying horse belonging to Bellerophon was called Pegasus. I've always called winged horses a Pegasus. And if they had a horn, they were a uni-pegasus.

    I liked Lisa Frank a lot. I remember collecting all the stickers and putting them in sticker albums. Man, where did those sticker albums go? I had puffy stickers, scratch and sniff, fuzzy stickers, glittery stickers... I wish I had those to just browse through again. But then I would have to lug things around with me when we moved. My memories will have to suffice.

    Thanks for the trip down memory lane!


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