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July 7, 2009

Can you all believe it...another post so soon?! Tee hee! I am way past due on reposting my projects that were published in both April and May here we go!

I am going all over the place here, and starting with the May issue of Cards Magazine first off. If you aren't a subscriber, or don't get a designer's copy...than you most likely aren't aware that I was the featured designer in the May issue! Very exciting! These are the three cards I did for the feature. These are the other cards that I had in the May issue. Lots of weddings, owls, woodland animals...hmmm.
Now moving on to the April issue of Cards Magazine. The cover was mine in April, and this was the card that was featured on it. I remember when they requested this card for the cover....they wanted me to take the bunny ears off!! I begged to keep them on, and offered up another suggestion to make the card work better...and they agreed! So happy that this was the case...the bunny ears are my favorite part of the entire card!!
And these are the other cards that I had in the sections of the April issue. This card was published in the Cards & Tags section of the May issue of Scrapbook Trends magazine.
And this was featured in the Scrapbook Trends Stamping Idea Book.
Well, that is everything I have to share with you for now. School is SO busy this week! We had class today from 9a-6p, and then studio from 7-10p. Studio was a lot of fun tonight...we worked in a small group and then a little larger group shots together. Well, we have all gotten pretty close since we spend what feels like every waking moment together right we had some major fun shooting as a group!

Tomorrow I have class again from 9a-6p, and then peer to peer critique from 7-930p. But, Thursday I get a little break...and only have class from 2-6pm. BUT...I will be spending most of my time working on my slideshow that is due Monday, and putting my lighting final together that is due on Friday. Craziness...but I am SO loving it.

Once again...thank you all for your supportive and encouraging comments. I read them all when I get a quiet moment, and they so make me smile. They remind me that even though I have had to take some pretty large steps back from one of my favorite things in the whole world (paper crafting)....I have a friend in you even if I don't have as much to share lately.

Until later,


  1. such fabulous eye candy for a wednesday are the Queen of Pubs! Wow, your school schedule is intense! I think it is wonderful that you are enjoying yourself and doing something that you love.

  2. WOW! These are ALL fantastic! Congrats on all the pubs!

  3. Always great stuff! And you use some of my fave papers. Great work and congrats!!

  4. Wow, what beautiful cards!! They are all great! And congrats on your publications.

  5. Wow, these are fabulous! Way to go on all the pubs!

  6. oh my goodness! so many amazing cards! these are really really fabulous--every one!

    congratulations on so many publications (and glad you could keep the bunny ears on the card)

    i just love your bling--every card is so special!

    good luck with your slideshow--i'll be thinking of you!

  7. Lea,
    I LOVE looking at your beautiful card creations! Congratulations! What a feast for the eyes! Thanks for taking the time to share them! I love Cards magazine...but since I can't use my Michael's coupon anymore...I can't afford hoo!

  8. Oh my Lea, you have been a very busy bee. Just love all your creations and don't know where all your creativity comes from. You are very talented. Hugs from Desire

  9. Jaw dropping amazing, adorable and GORGEOUS!! Your creations are mind boggling! ;o)

    Have a great time with your busy class schedule and good luck on that final!! ♥♥ Kay

  10. Oof, I think I drooled a little bit!

    Wow Lea, these are big time fabulous! Congrats on being the May featured designer! Wish I had picked that issue up!

    (-: Heidi

  11. That rainbow card is the best ever! LOVE your creations.


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