One month later....

July 5, 2009

One month later, I realize that I am the worst blogger in the world!! :) Photography school is my entire life right now...minus the occasional minutes I get to put towards my scrapbooking commitments. I will have photos to share with you soon...I just got finished shooting my midterm slide show and now have to edit and compose the actual slide show. But, here is how photography school has gone for me, and they basically told us up front that it would happen. I went into school being able to COMPOSE good shots in an auto mode (aperture priority, shutter priority...not full on auto). Got to school, and began learning how to master my camera in manual mode....but my composition went way down. Now that I am pretty confident in manual mode, my camera dials and composition is coming back. I got some really great shots at a rodeo last weekend, and my slideshow shots are awesome...well, I think they are awesome anyways! I promise I will share them with you when I am done.

Now, I think I should probably share some projects with you!! I haven't updated in so here we go. First up are some of my CPS cards. We'll start with the latest one and work backwards...this was for last week's sketch. We were sponsored by Rennaisance By Design...and you already know that I adore her product! Some of my fave stamps ever!
The week before that we were sponsored by My Sentiment Exactly. I honestly adore this stamp set that I got...isn't the tree just fabulous?!The week before that we were sponsored by 2 Red Bananas....isn't that little chick adorable?! Love how well it matched with these Cosmo papers!
And last, but not least, the last week I haven't shared with you...we were sponsored by Hanna Stamps. Isn't that little moose adorable? His name is Riley...and I think he is so darn cute!!
Next up are the past two Vintage Plum kits. First up are my projects for this month's kit called "Cherry Pie". LOTS of fabulous product in sure to check it out!!

And since I haven't had a chance to share my projects from the June they are. While we were in Texas, we went to this little game farm that had recently aqcuired two fawns from a game warden that found them abandoned. This farm will be keeping them for the rest of their lives now, to use as an educational tool. Well, we were at the farm during the week day when no one else was there, and the owner allowed us some special interaction with the fawns. This is the baby girl fawn...I will be doing some layouts later about the baby boy fawn. He was a riot, and definitely not subdued like this little girl!

Well, that is all I have for now. I have some stuff I need to work on, so I better get going now. If you still check out my blog...thank you! I am going to try to be more faithful about posting again...but I hope you understand if it isn't as frequent as I once was.

Hope that all of my crafty friends are doing well...and I hope to get back into blog/sketch challenges again once school is over! HUGS to you all!

Until later,


  1. woo hoo that photography school is going fabulously :)

    Thanks for all the great eye candy for today!

    Happy Sunday!

  2. welcome back, hehe :D great to see all these LOVELY projects--you create a fabulous card and layout as always. keep up the good work @ photography class... and don't forget to post some more sweetness *wink*

  3. I did check the other day just to make sure you are alive. Love your stuff and can't wait to see the photos!!!

  4. Yum, yum! I have been missing my dose of Lea-licious goodness lately! All this is totally fab!

    So glad photo school is going well!

    (-: Heidi

  5. I have MISSED you my friend & am so happy that you are doing so well with photo school, that's AWESOME news! Your creations are every bit of delicious I KNOW your pics will be when you share! (((hugs))) & love to you!


  6. Woo hoo!!! How wonderful to see your beautiful creations, Lea!! It's been too long but totally worth the wait! ;o) I hope you continue to enjoy photography school and I look forward to seeing your photos. You brightened my day today! ♥♥ Kay

  7. hi lea! oh how i miss having you around over at CBC! but totally understand!!! i'm sure your photos are great --- can't wait to see them === i know it's been a dream and a goal for coming to fruition!

    great projects - thanks for all the eye candy!

  8. I knew that your photo classes would get in the way of blogging...everything I do tends to get in the way of my blogging too ;) Glad it's going well!!

    Loving your cards!! Yum!

    Hope you had a great 4th!


  9. Great to see you back! All your creations are lovely.

  10. All your cards and LO's are just beautiful!!!

  11. Sounds like you're doing awesome, Lea!! I can't wait to see some 'school pics'!! ;)

    Love your cards & LO's... absolutely gorgeous as always!

  12. Now that is some serious creative overload! WOWIE! I have to say that the very first card you posted is so my favorite. I was just amazing when I first saw it at CPS.

  13. Wow such beautiful work, All gorgeous. Kim


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