On the 8th week.....

July 22, 2009

....here is what I have learned about myself on this photography journey.

1. I am not very interested in landscape photography. I will not go out of my way to get that amazing landscape shot...it just isn't my thing. Now, I am glad I have a basic knowledge of how to meter properly and expose for landscapes, because if I just happen to be in a situation where there is a beautiful landscape...then I am going to shoot it. But I am definitely not going to be seeking them out.

2. I have affirmed over and over again that I do want to photograph weddings. But I want to photograph them in a photojournalist style. Way less posing, more real and candid. Obviously you are going to get the posed shots...but I want to show the magic that is a wedding, and you just can't do that by posing everything.

3. I have also affirmed that I want to shoot lifestyle portraits of people. I don't want to be Sears, or Olan Mills, or any of those types of portrait studios. They aren't bad...just not the style I want to take on. I guess I kind-of want to have a photojournalist take on shooting portraits as well. I want candid and posed, in places that mean something to my subjects.

4. I think I am really going to love macro photography. I say "think", because I don't have a macro lens yet. But, after seeing tons of macro shots, and having a 4 hour lecture on macro photography this week....I just have a gut feeling it will be my personal photography love. Sure, it might be utilized a little bit in weddings and portraiture...but I see it more as something I do just for myself.

5. Many of you know that I love to shoot sports...football is my favorite, of course. But I found out something this summer that I didn't know about myself. I REALLY enjoy shooting rodeo. And to be honest....I feel like I am pretty good at it. (And will only get better as I continue doing it!) So, it would be fun to find a way to work rodeos into my workflow.

6. Studio lighting is hard, but I am enjoying the learning process. I haven't gotten it perfectly correct even once yet....but I am trying hard! Even though I will not have a studio in the near future...I want to make sure I know what to do with strobes, backdrops, etc. And I really can't wait to be more comfortable with my external flash for my camera...I think that will make life even better for the type of portraiture I want to do!

7. I don't like shooting product. I find it boring, and uninspiring. We'll just leave it at that. :)

So, that is what I have found out about myself so far. I am sure there will a lot more once I finish with advanced intensive. I can't believe that there are only 4 weeks left in summer intensive...time has just flown by!

Well, I am doing a photo a day post on my Facebook account. If would love for you to check them out if you like! Here is a link: Photo A Day album

Here is my first photo in the album from yesterday...funny. It is a landscape! Tee hee! :)
I am not going to post all of the photos on my blog, so be sure to check on my facebook page if you want to see them! I am going to be keeping this blog primarily crafts.

Well, I better get going! I have stuff to get done on my morning off before school starts! Have a great day!

Until later,


  1. Landscapes may not be your favorite, but you are obviously amazing at them! This is stunning!

    The type of spontaneous real life pictures you want to take sound amazing! I wish I had more wedding photos like that! My very favorite pic from my wedding is one a guest took of my dad giving me a kiss on the cheek...it is so special to me.

    I'll be check out those pics!

    (-: Heidi

  2. Love that photo and I can't wait to see more. All that stuff you are learning sounds so much fun. It's been really hard for my husband to take photos of Alex...there is no posing for him, he is on the go and I love that. I just snap away and know that there will be at least one good one and so many more that I am happy to have.

  3. Wow - that phot is beautiful!!!


  4. for someone that doesn't like photographing landscapes...you've managed to capture a perfect photo!

  5. Gorgeous photo, your classes sound like quite an adventure. Off to check out all the photos. ;)

  6. Absolutely gorgeous Lea! I think you should probably keep shooting landscapes, even if we enjoy looking at them more than you enjoy capturing them. :)

  7. Beautiful photo, Lea! Really breathtaking!
    I'm off to check out your Facebook photos! ;o)
    ♥♥ Kay

  8. Hi Lea....Hope you can stop by the Open Window and read the post from tonight...August 5th Wed Night Favs...blurb about your blog!

  9. Oh wow, this is a gorgeous landscape shot with all the elements of thirds in it. Enjoy finding your niche.


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