Casey's Prom{s}

May 12, 2009

Well, I have some prom photos to share with you tonight! First up is the prom he went to here in Missoula with his friend Bobbi. Isn't she a cutie! We had just a quick time of taking photos in downtown Missoula, and these ones are my faves. Click on them to make them larger- they look better!

And this was at the end of the runway of their "Grand March".
Now these photos are of his prom in Sheridan. I went out with just Casey for a bit, and we took shots of him in his tux. Had to get some in, what I think he calls his, "stunna shades".
Now were getting a little bit more standard portrait style.
And then we start having fun again! The GQ look.
I am not sure what this one is called...the Land's End look?
And here are his dates, Kelsie and Tori. Could this shot BE any cuter?! I think it is my very fave!
I had to add this shot of Kelsie. I think she looks so sweet and so stunning in it!
And a full shot of them so you can see their dresses.
I let Casey take my car for the night, and now I have sweet little Kelsie sparkles all over in it from her dress. I actually love it!

Well, I hope that you like the photos!! I haven't had a lot of time for crafting this week, so you might get another photo post before you get another crafting post! But, I have some wedding photos to share with you!!

On another note...can I just say that Adobe Lightroom rocks my world? Photoshop CS4 and Lightroom 2.0 were my last purchases for starting photography school, and they just came over the weekend. After just a few nights of using it...I completely understand why they say I will use Lightroom way more than I use photoshop. It. is. awesome.

And, now I leave you on that note. Have a great night!

Until later,


  1. CUTE! Isn't that the best that you could take some time to get some really great photos!? Love the playfulness of the photos.

  2. These are fabulous, Lea--love the one with the two dates, especially! That first one with the archway is amazing too--thanks for sharing!

  3. OH my word Lea they are WONDERFUL SHOTS!!! Yep Casey is a cutie pie as are ALL HIS DATES!!!! What a PLAYAHHHH!!! Hahahaha Love the one of the girls puckering up to kiss him and him looking all innocently surprised! LOL

  4. Okay, now how fab are those shots??!!! Cracked me up when I read your "lands end look" comment...

  5. Gorgeous photos with so much character and style. You don't need to go to photo school you are already a serious pro. Hugs from Desire

  6. Lea! The pictures are fabulous! I think the one of Casey with his dates is my fave too - love the expressions! You are going to have a rockin' photography career.

  7. Beautiful pictures Lea..they all look so handsome & pretty. Looks like you made the photo shoot fun too!!

  8. Wow Lea! You are so talented! These pics are fabulous!!

  9. Those photos are gorgeous Lea!

  10. Wow! Good looking young man, beautiful ladies and formal wear outdoors could mean only one thing...PROM MONTANA STYLE. Your lil bro is quite the cheesy photo-op kinda kid. Lea you are amazing! You work so well with the people you are photographing and it shows. They all look like they are having fun instead of the usual, "Please just shut up and take the picture" smile. My fav is with Bobbi and Casey in the second pic with their dipples in the right cheek. They look like brother and sister which would make for a strange prom date. At least here in Montana it would be strange...maybe not so much down south, lol. I think you could make me look good in picture!
    "Lea's Miracle Photo's" or maybe you have a name picked out already. I can hardly wait to see what your pics will look like after you get out of school and know what your doing, lol. How can you possibly improve on such excellent pics? I agree with Keri Lee when she said, "What a playaaahhh" funny thing is all these pics of girls and not one of them is his girlfiend, (must take after his dad)teehee.
    You never cease to amaze me! Keep up the good work.
    Love You, Rob (aka dad)

  11. Beautiful photos!!! What a handsome guy!!! I need to take lessons from you my friend!!!!

  12. Hey Sweet Lea! This is just great! I am so proud of you and all you are doing! Who needs California models, when we have such great material here right in our own backyards? Not only models, but photographers! Keep up the good work as inspired by the one who gave you this creative ability! I love you, Gramma

  13. Lea!! Casey looks so handsome!!!!!!!!! I LOVE his tux! I'm showing that to Shaypher so he can keep it in his noggin for next year's prom! WOW!! :D

    His dates are lovely too!!

    You're right...he and Savannah would be SO SO CUTE!!!!!!

    :D Hugs to you sweet you!

  14. Lea, can I just say you're gonna ROCK photography school!!!! You will be the star ★★ student because these photos are super!!!

    What an cute kid!! No wonder Casey had several prom dates. He's adorable!!!!!

    Sorry about Danny!! I was so disappointed, too!!!! ♥♥ Kay

  15. what GREAT photos!! Ahhhh... prom! I remember those days! So Awesome!

    Love the suit and dresses they all look so stunning!

  16. Lea these are stunning pics!!


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