Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Be Inspired 30-Weddings/Anniversary

Another Wednesday means it is Be Inspired 30 at the Cuttlebug Challenge! This week's challenge is all about weddings and anniversaries, and we were sponsored by Creative Cuts and More. I got the cute Dress Box to work with, and ended up making this little card & box set.

I traced the dress shape twice on white Bazzill Bling before putting it together, one for covering the front of the box, and the other to make a matching dress accent for the card. I then embossed both dress cuts and the cardbase with my Swiss Dots folder. After that I added the pink tulle skirts to each dress, and covered the seam with ribbon and a glittered flower with a rhinestone center. The rest is pretty self explanatory. I think they are pretty sweet! ;) Be sure to head over to the Cuttlebug Challenge blog and check out the rest of the projects! Lots of eye candy!

And don't forget that we have some AMAZING grand prizes for two lucky participants this month. The grand prize winner will receive an Epson Artisan 700 All-In-One printer and three months of print cartridges for it. The runner up will receive a Cricut Expression, with one extra cartridge in addition to the two that come with it, and a caddy from Scrapcessories. All you have to do is participate...and the more you participate, the better your chance is to win! Good luck, and the winners will be announced on June 1st (the day I start photography there are going to be at least THREE happy people that day! Tee hee!)
So- could American Idol have been ANY more of an Adam lovefest last night? I know this is his genre and all...but seriously. The practically threw themselves down at his feet, bowed to him, and kissed the ground he walked on....while giving the rest of them pretty much "meh" responses. I can tell you what it did make me do. I sat and dialed Danny's call number FOREVER. I normally call in a couple of times and then get bored. But not this time around! His performance wasn't perfect, but he took a HUGE risk when the rest of them totally didn't. And if he HAD done a song like "Cryin" by Aerosmith like Kara suggested...they would have gotten on him for not taking a risk. So- whatever. I am done with the AI judges and their lovesick crush on Adam Lambert....GO DANNY GOKEY!!

Well, I better get going for now. I hope you have a fabulous Wednesday!

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  1. I LOVE your super cute set! Great job :) And I'm rooting for Danny or Kris ;)

  2. I don't know what I look forward to more...your Wed. Cuttlebug creation or AI talk?!

    And while you were dialing forever for Danny, I was dialing forever for Adam.


    I'm really fond of the kid. I enjoy his swagger, his exuberance and his shrieking banshee howl.


  3. lovely project very elegant
    I am rooting for Adam but we don;t get a vote here in the UK

  4. Lea, during and after Adam's performance last night I thought "Oh my, Lea is not going to be happy about this!" Seriously, I did! LOL!!!

    I can't stand how adorable this wedding dress box is!! It's absolutely precious!!! The tulle is the perfect touch! And the card is so soft and sweet. Beautiful work! ♥♥ Kay

  5. Wow....this project is gorgeous, Lea.

  6. I LOVE this set Lea! The exact copy of the box on the card is just genius!

    I have to admit Adam was good last night...he CAN sing, but I still love Danny (after a less that stellar night) more! I like Kris, but I think he's the one who should go.

    (-: Heidi

  7. First of all, I've got to start watching AI to find out what all the fuss is about! I noticed the other day it's on one of my channels so I might just tune in and report back, lol!
    Second, your card and dress are gorgeous (great minds, tee hee!). I love the tulle you've added to both, it's the perfect touch!
    Hugs Mrs Jx

  8. Beautiful! The tulle is such a great addition and I love the pink/white combination.

  9. Love the addition of the tulle!! Great work

  10. Lea!! Stunning. Simply beautiful and stunning.

    Now as for AI. I am sure Kris will get the boot, but I really like him. Rock was soooo out of his box he shouldn't even have tried. Adam killed it, like we all knew he would as did Allison. Danny didn't. OH well. So I am sure he will be there next week. Should be interesting.


  11. Gorgeous creations! I've tagged you too, check my blog!

  12. This is way too flippin' cute! I love everything about it!

  13. Found your blog off of Kim Hughes'.... totally agree with you about Danny (and Kris). I'm not watching til later tonight - so we'll see what happens. Good for you for voting. I watched on DVR and voting was closed by the time I could see the phone numbers. :( Go Danny! Go Kris!

  14. I love your wedding set, so pretty! I did not get to watch AI, well, I did, but it was muted. I probably will not have time to watch it before the show tonight. Oh, well.

  15. These creations are just gorgeous, Lea! That adorable shaped dress would be cute for so many occasions. I could see them as party favors for a Bridal shower or every a cute table favor or a Mother's Day tea.

  16. Great looking card. Love that Swiss Dots folder.

  17. Such a sweet, sweet card! And, the tulle on the dress box is just perfect. Love the touches of pink Lea! Gorgeous work!


  18. Lovely projects, Lea! The matching card is beautiful, and I love how you added the pieces of tulle onto the clever! Thanks for the inspiration!

  19. Love your Idol you are funny!

    Gorgeous cards!!


  20. So very talented! I love it all:)

  21. Beautiful card Lea!!! It is just lovely!
    I thought AI was "all Adam" Tuesday nite. I'm still for Danny, but I think Kris is a cutie:)


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