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March 2, 2009

Tee hee! I know you know that I do layouts...but I haven't posted any in a LONG time. Truthfully...I have a lot of layouts done that I have never posted. Many from my "Scrapbooker of the Year" entry, and some from the SOY projects that I had to do, and others that I just haven't posted....and I have decided that it is time to start posting them. (Not all at one time...that would be total overload!)

First up are three layouts that I did for a SOY project. I had to record a video segment, and my video segment was on making the most of your product. I gathered up a kit of a few sheets of cardstock, 5 patterened papers, chipboard letters & a few shapes, and a handful of show how many projects you could get out of them. These three layouts were done with the kit, and I also did 5 cards....can't seem to find the images of the cards right now. If I find them...I will post them later. (Click on the layouts to view them larger. They look better!) :)

These next two layouts are my February projects for Provo Craft. The Jo-Ann's stores need some Cricut layout that was my assignment. First up, I had to do a Halloween themed layout. Which is hard for someone who doesn't have kids and who doesn't really do anything for Halloween....but I remembered that I did have this CUTE photo of Sadie in her costume. This layout uses the "Paper Dolls Dress Up" cartridge (fence, pumpkin cuts), and the "Opposites Attract" cartridge (letters).
And my second assignment was a summer themed layout. I used the "Camp Out" solutions cartridge (cabin, shooting star cuts) and the "Opposites Attract" cartridge (letters) on this one. On both layouts, I really wanted to show that you can use these great cuts while still maintaining good design principles, and a balanced layout. Alright...I may just go into shock after posting so many layouts now. ;) Hope that you like them!

And now I have a random recommendation for anyone who has a glass cooktop stove. The Scotch-Brite Cook Top Cleaner is A-W-E-S-O-M-E!!

We have a black cooktop....and it is so hard to keep clean. This new tool is like magic! Now my cooktop is gleaming (minus the scratches that I put on it by using the wrong cleaner. Oooops!) and it doesn't take a freaking hour to clean. The combination of the cleaner, the scrub, and the amount of force you can put on the handled tool=FAB-U-LOUS (typed in my best Jim Carrey voice)!! The only other thing you need is a soft rag to wipe off the cleaner and buff the cooktop to a nice shine! They are available at all your major stores like Target....and Best Buy?! (seriously...who knew? I guess considering they do sell cooktop stoves, it makes sense- and I get a discount on them because Josh works for the BBY! Sa-weet!)

Alright- totally finished selling product to you. I swear I make NO commission on the Scotch-Brite cooktop cleaner...hee hee! Just had to share- in case any of you have the same issue with cleaning your glass top stove that I did. I hope you have had a fabulous start of your week!

Until later,



  1. Great Layouts, Lea! You do beautiful work.

  2. WOW! Lea these are amazing! No surprise though since I already know how fabulously talented you are!

    (-: Heidi

  3. Lea, I was wondering about those Scotch brite things - I had one in my hands on Friday and I was soooo tempted to buy it because we have a black and stainless stove. I put it down because I thought it couldn't possibly work without scratching - so thanks for the review, I'm going to go back and get one!

  4. I'm totally going to look into that Scotch Brite scrubber. Joel's stovetop is black and it's a pain to clean without it being all streaky.
    The one thing we've found that works is Windex Multi-Purpose spray - the one with vinegar. But you still have to buff it good to prevent streaks. I'm all for something better!!!

  5. These layouts are fabulous. I love seeing your layouts have a beautiful graphic, clean look I love. Thanks for the stove-top cleaning recommendation....I'll definitely be looking for some.

  6. Like them... wow they are stunning!

  7. Wow! All of these layouts are awesome and very cool!
    Halloween is my fave time of I do have to say that 'dressed up' layout is my fave! hee

  8. I just love your style Leah, your cards, your layouts, YOU ROCK.
    And thanks so much for the tip on the scotch brite, I've been thinking about it and now I def have to try it!!!!!

  9. OH, WOW, these layouts are FANTASTIC!!!! So love your pictures, your designs and all the gorgeous touches on them!!! Total eye candy!

  10. Wow, Lea! These are all soo great! You rocked those AC papers and your style always looks amazing...on cards or LO's.

    I have a glass top stove as well and hadn't heard about those cleaners! I'm going to go get me one :) Thanks for the recommendation.

    Have a great week,

  11. Wow- super layouts- boy have you benn busy! debb

  12. Your layouts are fabulous! I absolutely love them. Thank you for sharing so much creative goodness!

  13. Lea!!
    YOUR layouts are GORGEOUS!!!!!!!
    I love them! So full of fun details and gorgeous colors!!
    Hope you're doing well!



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