Seriously, Martha....

December 18, 2008

Okay- I will get to my title in a moment, but first I want to share my card for this week's sketch at CPS. LOVING the American Crafts Christmas themed paper this year...the kraft colors were a perfect touch. Perfect when you are going for clean and graphic looking design.
"Happy Christmas" Card
Supply List:
Cardstock: Scenic Route
Paper/Sticker/Rub-on: American Crafts
Twill: Rusty Pickle
Rhinestones: Doodlebug Designs
Charm: Michael's brand
Ink: Clearsnap
Corner Rounder: EK Success
Now to my most of you know that I work at a local NBC affiliate. I have a TV at my desk so I can be another pair of eyes, making sure the station stays on air and that correct spots are airing. Well, I normally have the sound turned off and am listening to music. But, today for some reason I kept the volume up. So, we air "Martha", and she had a segment today where she compared toilet paper. is freaking toilet paper. I can totally understand making sure it is soft. That is quite important when it comes to toilet paper. But, she was talking about the designs on the toilet paper...the quilting...and how it would look in a guest bathroom. I can't honestly think of anyone in my life that worries about how the toilet paper looks in their guest bathroom. I know my reality is quite different than that of Martha Stewart...but that segment was ridiculous. I apologize if you watched it and liked it...I mean no offense. But the long run, it is just toilet paper.
Okay- getting off my soap box. I have spent entirely too much time thinking about it, and I am going to start losing brain cells if I keep thinking about it.
So- went to Twilight last night. Though it was really good, other than the special effects that were severly lacking a budget. Especially the sparkling body part. It looked more like a combination of sweat, and a Martha Stewart glitter job. That part is so big and amazing in the book, that it was a bit of a letdown in the movie. Not the actors fault though....I thought they did a great job! Here is hoping the special effects get a beefier budget in the upcoming films, especially considering this next movies they have to turn men and teenaged boys into wolves. :)
Well, that is all I have for now!! Hope everyone is having a great week!
Until later,


  1. That cracks me up about Martha and the tp...

    FABulous card...lovin' the dp and the twill!

  2. Oh my word....seriously!! That is hilarious!! How does Martha have time to contrast/compare TP? She must never sleep...

    Your card is adorable, Lea. I LOVE AC!!

    Stay warm!

  3. This card is stuning!! Love these papares from AC!!


  4. This card is GORGEOUS! The papers are beautiful and I love the snowflake charm!
    I love your toilet paper rant too! So funny! I watch Martha only on occasion(if some crafty project looks interesting) but mostly for me, she's a little over-the-top.

  5. First off, LOVE the card. Just gorgeous. I agree about the TP episode. She must have been really reaching for a topic. Me? I go for the eco-friendly stuff - not exactly quilted and soft bit I'm saving the planet one wipe at a time. :)

  6. Have to Laugh, bet the whole toilet paper thing will end up on her daughter's show (OMG is it funny) geez, I barely think about getting the paper on the holder, let alone the type (except the cheap stuff they use at school, hence why we bring our own ;-) ) Thanks for sharing...Happy Holidays

  7. `Gorgeous` card Lea...
    `Merry Christmas` to you and yours:)~X~

  8. Gorgeous card, Lea. I really like the PPs, embellishment and that red ribbon. And I love that you rounded 2 of the 4 corners. Have a Merry Xmas!

  9. Love your card!
    And toilet paper! How could she do that with a straight face?!

  10. Love your card, love the rounded corners!!! TOOOO funny on the toilet paper qualities issue!!!

  11. Gorgeous card Lea as usual! And I'm dying laughing about the toilet paper!

  12. LOL!

    Love that card Lea- fabulous!

  13. maybe this was something she pondered while doing time! oops did i say that outloud! bwahaha!

  14. I hope you had a Merry Christmas, sweets! Tell me what you thought of Twilight!

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  16. Sorry about that but my post looked all weird so I had to delete it - I have quilted TP on my mind..I simply HAVE to get some..seriously I think Martha's creative team is on vacation but it does make for entertaining blogging :)
    Happy New year to you Lea and wishing you a ton of creative success for 2009

  17. ok Lea, all I can say is LOL!!!!

    Happy New Year!


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