Finally! One last football post....

November 8, 2008

So, did you wonder if I would ever do my last football update of the season? FINALLY, I have had a chance to go through the photos from that last game, pick out my favorites, and figure out what to write. I was unable to make it to this game because of my job, and I can say wholeheartedly that I wish more than anything that I could have been there. First off, it ended up being the last game of the season. But even more than that, Josh said it was the best they had looked since that first game of the season, and their opponents were a team/school/town full of class. Thank you to Belt for being such wonderful hosts to our boys and fans!

The game was on a Thursday night, and set to start at 7:30pm. But, the coaches soon found out that the referees for the game had been scheduled for Friday night, and not Thursday night. So, there just happened to be some men in the crowd who were trained referees (I think...the story goes something like that anyways), and so they threw on striped shirts over top of their plain clothes and used some yellow towels from the home team as their penalty flags. You will see a great shot of this in the photos! Josh said it was one of the BEST reffed games he watched all season long, even after the refs that were called in got there.

The Panthers won the game 44-15. Tanner, Casey, Levi, and Mike all scored touchdowns. Mike, Tanner, and Tucker all caught 2-point conversions. I am just so happy that Tanner ended up being able to play his last game of high school football. It really is a shame that they didn't make it to the playoffs. It ended up being a 3-way tie, and based on a points system that is used...Charlo ended up the 4th seed in the playoffs. I don't understand that, considering we beat Charlo, and they didn't beat anyone who beat us. But- whatever the other factors were decided the fate of the Sheridan Panthers...and that is okay. We are all so proud of these boys no matter what. They had to deal with a plethora of injuries this season, and it was just crippling for the team.

Now, on to my favorite photos. Josh did a great job photographing the game....I am very happy that he was able to attend, so we didn't miss out on any photos this season!! This photo just stood out to me right blurred in all the right places, and stayed in focus in the other right places. Love it!
This is Casey totally laying a guy out so he could score that touchdown. Pretty sweet!
Cool shot of Casey taking the snap, and the next one you will see the ref and his penalty towel. Hee is a really cool shot!

A great break away by Levi that ended up in a long touchdown run! Awesome!

Looks like Casey would be going down in this shot.....
....but wait! Nope! He broke through and ran for more yards!
Love this shot of Casey. I don't know if he is calling a play or what...but I think it is just cool!
Nice run shot of Mike.
I think this is the ONLY shot we have with the ref doing the touchdown signal!! WTG Josh for getting that in! Touchdown by Tanner!
The Panthers singing their last football victory song of the season. WTG Panthers....we are all so proud of you!
So, that ends my football posts for this year. It was quite a season, and I want to thank each and every person who took this journey with me. Whether you read my blog regularly, were at all the games with me, or just happened to come upon my football posts at one point or another...I hope you enjoyed the photos and my not so technical commentary. Next season! Hee hee! (We don't make it to nearly as much basketball because they play much further away...but we get to as much as we can.)

And on another note...we are EXTREMELY proud of Casey for making the honor roll! That is a big deal to us Case, and we gave you a big WHOOT WHOOT when dad called the other day. WTG kid- SO proud of you! (Okay- I will stop now. This is just a big deal to us!)

Hanging up my football reporter hat until next season,


  1. Great job, Lea!! I loved your FB posts!!


  2. Hi Lea!OMG!!!you're cards are just gorgeous!shall definitely be viisting again!amanda x x

  3. Lea you ROCK! I can't believe we come from the same gene pool. Thank you so much for the Year of Football pics. We all looked forward to them being posted every week, to bad it had to end. Thanks again for all your hard work and effort for Panther Boys. We Love You and Joshua.
    Dad, Mom, and Casey


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