Let's Celebrate World Card Making Day with a RAK!

October 2, 2008

Get ready to celebrate World Card Making Day!

Join in the fun with card makers the world over on Saturday, Oct. 4, as we kick off the holiday card-making season. Now in its third year, World Card Making Day is a day to connect with fellow card makers around the globe and to celebrate the creativity and joy of this craft! Hobbyists, beginning card makers, manufacturers of card-making products, retailers, and educators, are all making plans to share the excitement of World Card Making Day with workshops, online galleries, parties, contests, sales, and other special events.

Visit http://www.worldcardmakingday.com/ for ideas and unique ways to celebrate this holiday, including:
o Creating your own handmade cards from the dozens of sponsored ideas in the Inspiration Avenue section

o Sharing your unique designs with the world in the Creation Corner Gallery

o Finding and visiting an Official World Card Making Day Retailer for classes and activities that will help you connect with other fellow card makers

oPlanning your own fun activities with friends and family with ideas from the Celebrate section
Join Paper Crafts magazine on this amazing day that brings card makers from all over the globe together in celebrating the joy of giving the gift of a handmade card.
Now here is the fun part!!! I have two copies of Paper Crafts latest "Cards, Gifts & More" issue to give to two lucky winners, courtesy of CK Media!! AND, each winner will ALSO get a Basic Grey paper kit from me! I have the "Sugared" collection to giveaway, and the "Two Scoops" collection. All you have to do is leave me a comment on THIS post about why you love cardmaking, and which paper collection you would prefer. I can't promise you will get it, but I will definitely try my best! I will pick the two winners on Saturday, when I post my next challenge!
ALSO, come back on Saturday for a FUN challenge from me, and the possibility to win another RAK. This one will be even BIGGER because I will be challenging you to make a card!
In the spirit of World Cardmaking Day, I have some cards to share with you. These were in the August issue of Cards Magazine, and can now be posted back to galleries and blogs! The "Celebrate" card is still one of my faves...which one is your fave?

Now, don't forget to come back on Saturday for your challenge! I will be posting it from my parent's house because of Casey's football game the night before. Now- isn't THAT dedication?

Well, tomorrow night is the biggest game of the season so far for the Panthers! Go Panthers and GO Casey! I believe you can beat Twin Bridges! Go get em boys!! Hit em hard, and make them wish they had NEVER set foot on YOUR field!

Happy Thursday,


  1. Lea, that is so generous of you. I have been a crafter since I was a kid and have probably attempted every art and craft there was (thanks mom). This one I discovered in 1985 and I was hooked because of my love for paper, color combination, no rules and most importantly because I can make something simple that can bring a little happiness into someone's life. A handmade card can express so much. I make cards for others and that brings me great joy. My choice in paper? Goodness, they're both wonderful. I suppose Sugared comes to mind first because I have a few ideas for that one. Thank you for your inspirations Lea!

  2. Thanks for the cool giveaway. I love both paper collections but if I had to choose I would go with the "Two Scoops" collection. I really love the shades of green in the kit. I love cardmaking becuse first of all you are adding your own personal touch to the card. And also because it bring out the creative side of me. I love crafting. Thanks once again for giving a chance to win awesome prize pack.

  3. What beautiful cards and such a generous offer! I love to make cards! They are a way to express my creativity with instant gratification (ok maybe not instant but not as long as sewing an outfit!). I think people reaaly appreciate the time and thought that goes into each one, although I do admit I make more than I send! The variety of papers, stamps and embellishments available is mind boggling....and addicting! As to which of the basic gray I like best- that is hard but I am going to say Sugared. By the way, what does RAK mean? Is it the same as blog candy?- Learning... debb

  4. Hi Lea..
    I have been crafting for just three years now:).
    I love crafting for me I feel it`s a way of expressing me!!!I also do it for thereputic reasons for me....like so many.
    I think the passion is deep within and am glad I found it...Being able to share that creativity with so many beautiful people...
    The pleasure it`s given me back from others is wonderful:)~X~

    I love to create something thats personal for a specific person...because nothing gives me greater pleasure than someone gaining pleasure from something I have done for them personally:)~~
    I love that I can now share it with so many wonderul people...
    and share this with my Granchildren...We can treasure our cards and LO always...
    Have a lovely Evening Lea:)~X~

    TF all your Inspiration:)

    Yaah!!! go Panthers ... Go Casey!
    Good Luck with the game:)

  5. Hi Lea - thanks for your comment on my "My Friend" card!

    This is one great RAK you have, and I love both of the papers, but since I've got some of the Sugared, I'd love the Two Scoops - besides, I'm loving those turquoise-y and pink colors!

    What I love about cardmaking, wow! Well, I love the time I spend, because I can shut out the outside world and think about nothing but creating and playing with pretty things. Also, I love all the 'stuff' that comes with the craft. From papers and ribbons and lace, to tiny things like buttons and beads and inks and such. But the best thing about making a card, is also making someone smile! Because anyone who loves pretty things, will appreciate and cherish a card you send them. That's the best thing about making cards!

    Thanks ! Becky G.


  6. Sunday is my best card making day of the week so I'll be joining you "with bells on!!"

    I love Card making, its my haven. I gave up smoking in order to afford it and never looked back. Making cards allows me to use my creative energy and bring smiles to the faces of my friends and family with things made specifically for them. It also brings me closer to my children as they love to craft with me!

    Susie xx

  7. Card making has become my creative outlet of choice. They are the perfect little creative spurt that I can complete in one sitting. I can never finish a scrapbook page at one time, and it's nice to actually sit and finish something in one go. I get a total sense of completion, and who doesn't like to recieve a cute card??

    I think I prefer 2scoops btw :) Thanks for the chance!!! :)

  8. well since you invited me- haha you are too cute- I love all basic grey paper so NO preference here- I love creating cards because they are so personal, the person you giveit to knows you made is just for them

    BTW I cannot belive I have never seen your blog before- where have I been- under a rock??? You are going straight on my reader girl!

  9. Oooh sounds so much fun!

    I love the celebrate card too, it's just so simple but the colours really pop and the font is perfect!

    And as to why I love cardmaking... After buying and hoarding lots of gorgeous stash over the years I came to the conclusion this year that if it hadn't been slapped onto a LO yet, then I'd cut it up and use it on some cards. It has been really exhilarating to actually use new stuff for the purpose of a card and have no guilt over it! LOL I can make a couple of mini-projects that are completely different style-wise instead of agonising over creating the perfect LO for a photo.... It is just so varied and creative, and in theory quick! Instant gratification in a way!

    And which collection... it has to be Sugared I loved BG Blush, so Sugared is already very yummy in that respect - and I love the colour scheme.

  10. Beautiful cards! I love cardmaking because they're each like little works of art. And it really brightens someone's day to get a handmade card. Thanks for the chance to win, I'd love some Sugared!! :D

  11. Wow! Your cards are all gorgeous! I love that "Hi, teacher" card. :D

    I love cardmaking because it's (almost) instant gratification. There's something satisfying about making a little piece of art with your very own hands.

    Thanks for the chance to win. I prefer the Two Scoops paper, but they're both great. :)

  12. I love cardmaking for several reasons: togheter with scrapbooking it's my creative outlet; I can finish a card fast so it fits in my busy life; I like to give something personal to my family and friends and I've also met so many great people through this.
    Thanks for a chance to win! Have fun on WCMD! Greetings from Belgium, Annelies
    (I'd prefer two scoops)

  13. Thanks for offering such a fun RAK. I can't wait for WCMD!!! I love making cards, b/c giving a handmade card means so much more...it is a piece of you. I love both of the BG lines and would be happy with either.
    Love all your cards. I have a thing for trees right now so the Hi Teacher one is my fav.

  14. Hey Lea! I love all your card creations and I have most of those cards earmarked in the Cards issue.

    I have just gotten into card making and I love that they ar quick to make and each one is like a little piece of artwork. I could just sit and make half a dozen non stop!

    Such a generous giveaway.... If I were lucky enough to win, I would love to play with the Two Scoops paper please!

    Have a great day!!

  15. Cards for me have been a bit of a challenge, but this year I have really been cranking them out (for me anyway). This is what I've learned, they are like a little layout minus the picture. I really enjoy the creative process that comes a long with it too! Thanks for your fabulous blog and creativity! I would really like the two scoops (if I win :)) Thanks!

  16. hi lea
    thank you for taking the time to visit my blog :)
    i love everything about card making! i love trying to create a different card with each one i do.
    card making is very relaxing me to and it also lets me share my feelings that i might not know how to say out loud. the best part of it all though is when i give a handmade card to someone and they so sweetly say " thank you shelly (or mom ) i needed this today ", or "you have made my day ".
    as for the rak.. how nice of you lea! the paper crafts magazine looks like its chok full of great ideas and fun! both of those paper pads are awesome .. if im chosen id prefer the sugared pad its one of my favorites :)
    have an awesome day! good luck to everyone! shelly

  17. each of these cards is awesome but i think my favorite is the beauty of fall one. i dont know exactly why it just pops right out at me :)

  18. Love the cards, I like making cards as it so much more fun and personal to think them up then going to a store and buying. Now for the papers love them both, the magazine is on my want list...now if you could just send me mojo and the time to use it ;) Thanks for the chances!

  19. Aloha Lea,
    Thank you so much for the sweet comment you left in my card. I really appreciate it.

    WOW! I love your beautiful blog and all your creations are fabulous. I'm here checking your awesome RAK, I love all the Basic Grey papers. Thank you for letting me know and give me a chance to win your RAK.

    I love making cards because it's so much fun to do. And I love all paper crafting. My family and friends are happy and they love my cards. They appreciated what I made for them. I'm so happy that they love my little creativity of art.

    Have a wonderful day!


  20. I love cardmaking because I can send little envelopes of smiles and joy through the mail to all of my friends and family who are so far away.

  21. thanks for the rak. i love cardmaking because you can put a lot in such a small space (faster to complete too!) then you can send them to your friends. :)

  22. Oooohhh a PaperCrafts mag....gotta love that. You know I love all your work, & thought I like your celebrations card, I also love the Hi Teacher card.

  23. Thanks for the chance to win! I love card making because it allows me to add something personal to each of the special occasions that my family and friends celebrate. It also allows me to play with all the wonderful papers and embellishments that are available. In fact, I would love to play with "Two Scoops".

  24. WOO HOO National Card Making Day!
    Your cards are fabulous sweet Lea! I LOVE them. You sure do make pretty ones! :)

    HUGS to you-
    GO Panthers!
    Happy weekend!

  25. What a lovely RAK, would love to receive that mag, not seen it over here.
    I've always been a bit crafty, to begin with a used Knit to a point I could make my own patterns but due to Arthritis I'm unable to do it anymore and my Sis introduced to me to cardmaking. As time goes on and there are more things I'm unable to do there's a wonderful sense of achievement when you produce a beautiful card and able to send it to a love one.

  26. Just popping in to say Hello...and look at all this greeting card yumminess. Hugs...have a great weekend!

  27. Very cool rak to kickoff Card making day! I love card making because I love what it brings out in people when open them. They really see the effort and love I put in it, and they always love the card more than the present that is attached to it! Plus cardmaking is so fun! I love all the pretty paper and stickers. As for paper selection, I love love love the sugared line!

  28. I am loving your cards girl! You so inspire me to create!! I can't wait to see more football pics!! You rock girl! Go Panthers!!!!

  29. I love the chance it gives me to let people know I care and how special they are to me! Thanks for the chance to play!

  30. I love your cards. I am learning and downloaded my first card to CK. I'll be back on Saturday. (any paper is welcome at this point in my cardmaking career). Thank you.

  31. I love cardmaking because we can make those cards just the way we want them and say in them exactly what we want. Let's be honest, how many times do we go to store and look for a card that says what you are trying to say. It is almost impossible to find the perfect card. I think the recipients appreciate the handmade cards a lot more. It shows that you care enough to take the time to creat a card for them! As far as the paper packs, I have no preference. They are both beautiful :) Thanks for this great opportunity.

  32. I love cardmaking because it lets me express my creative side in a "small" form. I also love creating a personalized item for that someone special.

    I have no preference on the paper packs. They are both wonderful.

  33. Your cards are GORGEOUS Lea love the celebrate one too! Go PANTHERS/Casey!


  34. I love your celebrate someone card! How wonderful. I'd like someone to send me that!

  35. I love making cards because it shows the person how much I care. Either paper pack would be awesome.

  36. Thanks so much for the chance to win. Either paper line would be great. (Beggers can't be choosey). Most of all thanks for sharing your talents. I've just started making cards, so this is really fun. What I like best is the fact my 4 year old granddaughter makes cards with me. (Can't put a price on time with her) Have a blessed WCMD....I'm going to.

  37. Either kit would be thrilling, can't go wrong with BG. I love to make cards because even if I can't be with someone on their special day I feel like I am sending them a lot of love and a little bit of me when I make them a handmade card.

  38. Lea - your cards are just wonderful!!!

  39. Since I've already broke down and bought Two Scoops, I'd love me some Sugar!

    I love that cards are a small canvas. I don't always get a large block of time, so even if you only have time to make one card, you feel like you accomplished something!

  40. Hi Lea,

    I found you through links on the CK WCMD festivities. I think you have a wonderful blog and I plan to come back on Saturday!! :)

    I don't care which paper set - I'm just happy to play along! :)


  41. I discovered cardmaking not long ago...here in Italy it is not very popular. I am learning how to make cards thanks to your blog and to all the fabulous ones on the net.
    Basic Grey has fantastic papers!

  42. Love the Celebrate card - what a great use of bling! :)

    I'd prefer the Sugared, but I'd be happy with either! :D

    Happy WCMD!

  43. First of all, just want to say your cards are lovely - especially the fall one! and the idea of celebrating someone special - i just have to use that - thanks for it!

    As for the queation why I make cards - the answer is simple : i can't not to. I love creating and I love sharing warm thoughts and some beauty with others.
    And I love all BG papers - but two scoops would be nicer to win as I've got some matching stickers already :-) so please pick me :-)

    have a great WCMD

  44. I love card making because it allows me to give each person something personalised just for them. I can complete it quickly - I don't have the patience for long drawn out crafts ! I'm giving a little bit of myself to the recipient - I hope they appreciate the thought and care that goes into each one.
    I love all Basic Grey so no preference!
    Many thanks,

  45. I love making cards because they make good use for my scraps from scrapbooking layouts. I would love to win either collection. I love basic grey!

  46. Wow, thanks for all the inspiration. I have been making cards for about 7 years now. I love that my seven year old daughter can create with me. When I make a card I let her play with the scraps. It is a fun way to create and connect. I have been looking at the Sugared collection-so pretty!

  47. Cardmaking for me is a nice way to relax. I get so excited when a design comes together. I love the Sugared paper. thanks for the chance!

  48. I love cardmaking because it's a personal way to touch someone and it's also a fun creative release for me. I would *love* the two scoops collection and that magazine! Love getting creative ideas from the pubs! thanks for the chance to win!

  49. I love making cards for my loved ones because its a BIG stress reliever for me and it brightens up their day to get something so small that means so much!!! Thanks for ur generosity and happy World Cardmaking Day!!!


  50. Card making allows me a creative outlet with a purpose. Cards are enjoyed by all and when they are hand made they are even more special. Both sets of paper are gorgeous, but I think I like the Sugared better as it has colors in it I tend to use more often. Thanks!

  51. I love cardmaking for two main reasons: it allows me to feel "artistic" because I can't draw and I've gained so many wonderful "sisters" through this hobby!!! ;-)
    I'd love either BG kit, but guess I'd pick "Sugared" if I have to choose one! TFS!!!
    Hope your son's team wins!!!

  52. wow! this is a cool giveaway.. I havent been in much card making , but I have started a few months back , and i love it ,just a smaller way to may a layout that can can make someone smile from. I would love to get my hands on the sugared basic grey pak , and I really love your tree card both of them , they are so cute!
    thanks for a great giveaway!!

  53. thanks for chance of win- i love the crotchet flower card but they are all fab.
    I just love cardmaking beacause it is so much fun creating something that is going to please someone and you can totally loose yourself while crafting and it has also introduced me to so many wonderful people all over the world
    Take care

  54. I love card making because I put a little of me in everything I do. It means more to me to give and to receive something hand made.

    If i am the winner I would be greatful for anything! Thanks for the opportunity.

  55. Cardmaking is a way for me to express my feelings. i love all your cards

  56. I love cardmaking because the canvas is small, so I can really experiment without fear of ruining anything!

  57. I love cardmaking because in a short amount of time, I can complete a project, and be proud to share it! Instant gratification, right?


  58. Your cards are gorgeous!! I am still breaking into this whole cardmaking thing. I love giving and receiving homemade cards. As far as the BG goes - I would be happy with either of those collection packs!!

  59. I make cards, because it's a practical art. You can have too many plastic canvas tissue boxes and painted T shirts. I always need cards. I love the idea of sending cards and making sombody's day.

  60. I love making cards because it's a project that I can finish! As a SAHM, there is much in my life that is never finished.

  61. Why do I love card-making? It's a great way of bringing a little bit of creativity into everyday life, and the finished product will give joy to the person who gets it.

    If I win, I'd love to have the Sugared pack.

  62. Hi Lea,
    I love to make cards beacause it makes me happy, it´s something that i can see done and makes me smile.
    Thanks for the chance!!
    Happy WCMD!!

  63. I love making cards because it's something I can just for that person I am giving it to. It's also something I can that doesn't take hours out of my day, but when I am in the mood to do something creative, I can make a card.

  64. I love cardmaking and scrapbooking as a creative outlet! Its just so much fun to create! I just finished my breast cancer cards today and am going to start halloween when I'm done blog hopping!

    Either Basic Grey paper pack would be fine with me!

    Thanks for your inspiration!

  65. Your cards are awesome! Very sweet of you to have a give-a-way..if I won I'd love two scoops. I love the smiles hand made cards bring my friends!

  66. What a fun website - football for the men and cards and scrapbook pages for the ladies. :)

  67. Wow lots of fun stuff. I love World Card Making Day! I am just getting started on my cards tonight, but the kids are in bed and I have four hours. I thought I would check out some sites for inspiration. I think I would love anything from the give away. I am not usually very lucky so if I win I can be more specific then.

  68. Brilliant cards hun well done xxxxx


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