Panthers lose hard fought game to Victor

October 20, 2008

First things first...I am going to warn you that this post has LOTS of photos. 35 to be exact. I really like shooting in the daytime...lots of great photos to choose from, and I wanted to include the whole sequence of photos to tell the story better.

I think games like these ones are the hardest to lose. It was a battle for all 4 quarters of the game. One team scoring...the other team answering back. We were tied at 18-18 until late in the 4th quarter when Victor scored. Casey got hurt on defense in that drive, and with less than 2 minutes left the Panthers went on an offensive drive with back-up QB, Mike Buyan. He mustered up all the power in him to lob off a 25 yard pass to Levi Broksle, which got them within scoring range. But, on 4th down on the 3-yard line....the Victor Pirates defense held us from scoring that touchdown to tie it up. It was heartbreaking to watch, but at the same time...those boys did all they could to score and I was so proud of them. They all, each and every one of them, played their hearts out.

This was a tough season, that isn't over quite yet. The Panthers were plagued with injuries from the very first game of the season. And in 8-man football, where you don't have a lot of depth when it comes to replacements....losing people to injury is a deep blow. They play Belt on Thursday night, and have to wait for the result of the Twin Bridges/Charlo game on Friday night to know if they made the playoffs. If Twin Bridges win, Sheridan will take the 4th seed in the playoffs and play at Superior.

Casey's shoulder XRAY came up with nothing, and the doctor thinks the muscle might have just stretched too much on the hit. Casey lit Morgeau (the other player) UP in that hit that hurt his shoulder, as Morgeau was slow to get up as well. Casey plans on playing against Belt this Thursday, which I will not be at, but Josh will be. So, we won't be missing photos of any game.

Now to the photos! This first set of photos is just a great run by Casey. I don't think this play was set up to be a keeper, but that is how it worked out!

Just a cool pass that the ball was still in the frame.
This sequence is a big tackle by Pat Clark.

Nice shot of Casey taking down the ball carrier.
I love the forward motion in this one, and a great tackle shot by Paul Tezak.
Another run by Casey.

Another series of shots showing a hard fought tackle by Paul Tezak.

LOTS of purple in this tackle that caused a fumble on Victor's end...recovered by the Panthers.

You may think this first shot is dumb because it is just a jumble of players. But in the second shot of this sequence, Casey has stretched out from behind this giant cluster to get a needed first down. That second shot is very of my faves!

This is a sequence of a touchdown run by Mike Buyan.

I just though this shot was cool. got some hops man!!
Another great QB keep by Casey. I heard a Victor fan say "Man, that kid is freaking slippery". Of course, I smiled. That's my little brother.

I just love the angle on this stuff.
This is the hit where Casey hurts his shoulder. Levi Broksle helped finish him off, but Casey lit this kid up. He was pretty slow getting up as well after this hit.

Here is Mike Buyan's 25 yard pass to Levi Broksle.

Well, that is all of them. If you made it this are very cool in my book! Thanks for enjoying this season of football with me so far. There will be at least one more football post....and we will see what happens from there.

Well, this "little lady" (inside joke...many will know what I am talking about here) better get going for now. Hope you enjoyed the shots from this game!

Until later,
~Lea (aka: Little Lady)


  1. pretty sweet pics Lea!!! That kid is so lucky to have you as his sister! Hope he appreciates all your football shots!!! I bet he does his whole team!!!

    Good job!!!

  2. Hope he's ok Lea! That had to OUCH when he got hit!!

    LOVE your pics, you did so GOOD!

    I'm sorry the guys didn't win!
    Our guys won their 7th game :D

    Hope you're doing well,


  3. Great shots!! The blue uniforms are so vivid!!

  4. I can see why you couldn't choose which ones to put up - because they were all great!!! do the players of the team visit your blog to see these awesome shots?!

  5. Fabulous Photo`s Lea TFS:)~X~

  6. wow your pictures look awesome Lea! Can't wait to see the scrap pages you make with those!

  7. Lea - your photos are really great! I just love the frames around them. You need to be the team photographer!

  8. Toots, your the greatest!!!! Guess who??

  9. These are amazing Lea, I feel like I'm part of the action. Bummer they didn't win but they sure did fight!

  10. Pictures rock!!!! As for winning.. there's always next time! ;) Thanks for sharing the excitement!


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