Wednesday, September 10, 2008's Wednesday night.

Seriously...this week has seemed to fly by, other than the 8 hours a day I am at work. That has seemed to drag....but the evenings are going too quickly!

Tonight I just have some published stuff to share with you. First up...this layout was in this year's Memory Makers Idea Gallery issue. I was a little bummed with how it turned out in print...they gave it a pink tint for some reason. It is one of my favorite layouts to this day, so I figured I would show you how it really looks! This is the prom that Casey went to his freshman year. He didn't go last year, so I am really hoping he makes the choice to attend the next two years. I don't want him to miss out on HIS high school experience for ANYTHING. (Casey....are you reading this? Listen to your sister...I know what I am talking about. Hee hee!)
Next up are the cards that were in the July issue of Cards Magazine. These first two were on the cover. (I still get a little excited when I look at was my first cover!)

And then these cards were inside the issue.

It has been fun to see how quickly my card style changes as I go. My layouts tend to stay the same...simple, graphic, and focused on the photos/journaling. But, cards are where I can put as little or as much product as I want on them, embellish to my hearts content, because all I need to do is find a space for some type of sentiment. I love it! Do you find yourself noticing the same thing about your scrapbook or card making style?

Well, just a quick post from me tonight. I am a tired girl...going to get to bed!

Sweet dreams,


  1. That is one GORGEOUS LO!! And, WTG on the CARDS cover :) You rock, Lea!


  2. I love your work! I always know where to come when I need a little inspirational pick me up!
    Thanks & hugs

  3. Wow awesome work hun the lo is brilliant and love the cards well done xxxxx

  4. I adore the layout Lea and as always, your cards rock!

  5. oh great work! love the fresh springy look of all those cards

  6. lovely work Lea! I thought those cards were perfect for the cover! so summery! My style is ever changing. I don't seem to have a grip on that!!

  7. You should get excited everytime you see that cover! Great job.

  8. Gorgeous work, Lea. I love your cards, and that layout is beautiful.

  9. Lea, the layout is fabulous, and huge congrats on COVER cards too--way to GO!

  10. Your LO is stunning! I love the handcut elements!! And umm... was that the "Lea" issue of Cards?? ;) ROTFL! You rock!!!! *WOOT*!!

  11. Wow....can I say how much I love your work??? They are stunning!! Your blog is definitely going to be one of my favourite blog! Keep up the good work :)

  12. That little card with the Elsie houses- OMG I just bought that paper because of your card!!!


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