Panthers Go 3-0, Defeat Arlee 38-16

September 22, 2008

Another Panther victory happened on Friday night!! The first quarter looked a little shaky. The offense was off, Casey was off...and they went scoreless the entire quarter. But second quarter came around, and they began to get back to the good old Panthers we are used to seeing! They scored 26 points in the second quarter, and continued to keep Arlee scoreless. Actually, Arlee didn't score their two touchdowns until the last quarter of the game. Our defense didn't seem as fired up in that quarter. We have some hard games coming up, so hopefully they will get that worked through in practice the next couple of weeks.

Well, my photos aren't so stellar in my opinion this week. I wasn't feeling well on Friday which made me a bit unfocused myself, and they started getting blurry before the first half ended. I look forward to the new camera body that Josh and I are planning on getting, that will allow me a higher ISO than 1600. It is needed at night games. But, below are some photos that kind-of turned out.

I gotta dote on my little bro a bit. He still has an ankle injury. He didn't start on defense in this game, but ended up going in when Tanner came out for a bit. The kid rushed for 2 TD's, passed for 2 TD's, and returned an interception for a TD. He also ran in a 2 point conversion. My little brother rocks...plain and simple. (That third photo isn't wonderful, but I love seeing the pitched ball)

Okay, and now I am going to dote on Mike Buyan a bit too. He ran in a 71 yard touchdown. That was awesome. He had an interception, 14 tackles (not sure how many solos, but quite a few) and two touchdowns. He had an all around great game! The juniors were representing Friday night!! :)

Here are just a few other shots that turned out okay. I picked this shot because it is nice and clear and pretty. Tee hee!
This photo really isn't great. But click on it and make it bigger, and look at the determination in the eyes of the boys in purple! I just love it! Well okay...Tanner has his eyes closed, but I am sure he is just as determined on the inside. It isn't like I can pose them and make sure all of their eyes are opened. ;) -wink
The next two photos all I have to say is, OUCH, and that it sucks to be this QB. I am pretty sure at least one of those passes got picked as well.

And once again, the sweet sound of victory! Sorry not so many photos this time around, but still enough to get a glimpse into the game!
Here are the two small stories from each paper. I will link to the article, but I am also going to copy and paste because they aren't always easy to find.

The Montana Standard
Sheridan 38, Arlee 16

ARLEE — Sheridan quarterback Casey Crippen had an ankle injury and was a game-time decision for Friday's contest in Arlee, but after his five-touchdown performance, everything looked fine.

Crippen scored on two running plays, an interception return (as a safety) and passed for two in the Western C Conference high school football game.

Mike Buyan finished the game for the No. 2-ranked Panthers with 20 carries for 169 yards and two scores on offense and 14 tackles and an interception on defense.

Levi Broksle led the defense, however, with 16 tackles and an interception of his own.

Arlee scored twice in the fourth quarter, after being already down 32-0, on a Trevor Rice reception from Wyatt O'Neill and an Ethan Willoughby run.

Sheridan moves to a perfect 3-0 on the season.

Sheridan 0 26 6 6 — 38
Arlee 0 0 0 16 — 16

Second quarter
S — Mike Buyan 72 run (run failed)
S — Casey Crippen 3 run (pass failed)
S — Bradley Lueck 5 pass from Crippen (run failed)
S — Crippen 35 interception return (Crippen Run)

Third quarter
S — Crippen 15 run (pass failed).

Fourth quarter
A — Trevor Rice 3 pass form Wyatt O'Neil (Rice pass from O'Neil)
A — Ethan Willoughby 17 run (Willoughby run)
S — Buyan 23 pass from Crippen (pass failed)

The Missoulian
Class C
Sheridan 38, Arlee 16

At Arlee, junior Casey Crippen had a hand in five touchdowns as Sheridan romped past Arlee in a Western C contest Friday night.

Crippen, the Panthers' quarterback, rushed for two scores, passed for two scores and returned an interception for a touchdown on defense.

Arlee (0-3) scored twice in the final quarter on a TD pass from Wyatt O'Neill to Trevor Rice and a short TD run by Ethan Willoughby.

Sheridan 0 26 6 6 - 38
Arlee 0 0 0 16 - 16

S - Mike Buyan 71 run (run failed)

S - Casey Crippen 3 run (pass failed)

S - Bradley Lueck 5 pass from Crippen (run failed)

S - Crippen 30 interception return (Crippen run)

S - Crippen 18 run (run failed)

A - Trevor Rice 3 pass from Wyatt O'Neill (Rice pass from O'Neill)

A - Ethan Willoughby 7 run (Willoughby run)

S - Lueck 23 pass Crippen (pass failed)

This week they are back at home, celebrating homecoming, and preparing for another victory over Alberton. Keep it up Panthers!! Fire up for this Friday night!

Happy Monday,


  1. Wahoo!! GO Panthers!!
    We also had a winning game and are undefeated!! SO cool Lea! :)

    Have a happy week!

    p.s. LOVE your card on the Glitz blog!


  2. Ok I didn't read all that is another I have no idea how to interpret! LOL HOWEVER...those pics are way too cool! Love your that by chance a file you can share??? pretty please?? I need some good "edge layer files" for my photos and don't have much to choose from yet!

  3. I LOVE the pics! Casey looks great despite the ankle.

  4. lea...the pics are fab!! and WTG casey!!

  5. Go Casey go! Wow what an amazing game you had, heck your whole team! What an effort! And what an awesome big sis you have to document all this for you. Good luck this coming week!

  6. Great pictures and what a game!

    GO CASEY!!!!

  7. GO CASEY!!! What a great game and gosh does your sister take some of the best photos ever! I can't wait to see what kind of an albums she creates for you this year.

    Good luck at the next game.

  8. Ok.. you're WAY too hard on yourself! I think the pics rock!!! AGAIN!! :) Love looking at your football pics, you really catch the essence of the game!!

  9. These football pics are absolutely phenomenal OMGosh! That poor quarterback, wow and to think you captured that on digi!! What an incredible game, I am so thankful to get to read this, you KNOW what I mean! I NEEDED some FANTASTIC football news for one of my teams...giggle! I am sooooooo hoping they have an INCREDIBLE game this week! Go PANTHERS!!! Godspeed my friend!

    hugs & so much love!


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