Panthers avenge 2007 State Title loss....

September 7, 2008

To say that Friday night was no less than amazing, would be an understatement. But, first I want to give you a little information. Read this article, "Trojans Still The Team To Beat", to see what a Missoulian sports writer thinks this season will be about before it even started.

And a little back story about Sheridan and Drummond. Sheridan hasn't beat Drummond in high school football in six years, or nine games when you count regular season and playoffs. The regular season game last year was a gritty battle, with Drummond coming out on top, 24-12. They met again in the state title game, but Sheridan had too many obstacles to overcome, and had to play a hard to beat, healthy Drummond. They lost 50-20. Both teams had some major talent and leadership graduate. I can't speak for Drummond, but I can say that I saw some major stepping up on the Sheridan team this Friday...stepping up into roles that needed it, and major improvement at the roles that didn't. They worked as a team, and it was just awesome to watch. There wasn't any of the bickering and arguing that we have seen in the past. Just a bunch of boys who LOVE the game of football working together towards victory. It. was. amazing.

Here are some of the shots that I got with my new lens. This lens is AMAZING! I have some learning to do, because a lot of the shots were bad. But, the shots that turned out....I am just in awe. These photos are pretty much directly from the camera. I applied a very slight unsharp mask and the digital frame. (Click on them to see them larger)

These four are all juniors. Casey is #16, his best friend is #5 Mike, Josh is next to him at #90, and Tyler at #21. This photo would have been perfect if #44 Levi would have been in it.
I love this photo because of what happened that you can't see. It looks like he is going to get taken down in this photo. But, he doesn't. He shrugs them off and runs for quite a few more yards before getting taken down.
Just a good team effort bringing the ball carrier down.
This one I love because they have picked the ball carrier up off the ground, and then take him down. I didn't crop the photo to show you how well this lens picks up the action you want, and blurs the the ref on the left side.
Gotta love when your blockers make that perfect hole for you to run through. Love this shot of the hand-off from Casey to Tyler.
Casey totally juked this guy out of his shorts, and continues to run with the ball. Love it!
This is a continuation of the previous photo. Unfortunately the next shot in the bunch blurred too much (I must have been cheering while trying to shoot at the same time. I do that a lot.) But, it took three guys to take Casey down, and he drug them for quite a bit.
Casey in the shotgun. Just love how this turned out. By this time it was pitch black out, and my lens caught the light perfectly here.
Casey getting the snap. Pat Clark did an awesome job snapping the ball and then blocking for Casey. I was so proud of him and I am so glad he finally gets to shine this year!
This shot is a bit blurry, but I just love the humongous tackle by #55, Tanner. He is a ferocious hitter. Almost to the point where you feel a little bad for the kids he hits....but then you realize it is football, and if they don't want to get hit that hard than they just shouldn't be playing. :)
Then the sound of sweet victory. It has been a long time since they got to do this at the end of a game against Drummond. I have a shot of this that is completely in focus, but I actually don't like it. I think the blur just really captures the emotion and excitement of this moment. I am so proud of these boys. What a great first game.
I write with emotion and feeling when it comes to these football games. I can't tell you statistics or details of the game, other than the Panthers played amazing, Casey carried for 102 yards & scored one touchdown (well, actually two- but one got called back on a lame penalty call), they overcame any mistakes they did make, and played like a team. So, here are some articles that give you the rundown of the game:

I am even more excited to watch these boys in action! This was a huge win for them. A win that many thought wouldn't happen. A win that I am so proud Casey was a huge part of! What I love even more is what their coach said in their huddle at the end. They still have an entire season of football to play, and they have a different opponent to prepare for next week. Come Tuesday practice, all focus will be on Charlo. He definitely does a great job keeping these boys grounded and focused.

I hope you enjoyed my football post, because there will be one every week from now on until the season ends! ;)

Happy Sunday,


  1. Lea those are AWESOME photos!!!
    Have fun with that new lens!!! :]

  2. wow great pics! love the action

  3. Pics are fabulous!!! Awesome lens too! I have the 70-210D for my D80.. should really play with it more!! lol!

  4. Go Panthers! Seriously....the way you write~with emotion and pride~ is going to make all of us fans of your little bro and his boys!! :)


  5. Thank you for all your support and love for the Panthers it means a lot to the boys and whole Sheridan community. No one could do a better job than you Lea because of your emotion, pride, and talent. I am so proud of you.

    I love you,
    Rob (aka Dad)

  6. WOW, the photos are incredible, great shots, now I am not that much into football, but these pics make me want to be!!!

  7. Those are some great photos! I actually know some people from Drummond and Missoula. I love it there and can't wait to come for a visit. Haven't been in like 10 yrs!! Enjoy your weather :)

  8. spectacular photos, Lea!

    Bring on the FOOTBALL!!!!!

  9. Such fantastic sports shots! Love the LO's in your last post!

  10. Awesome photos!! What emotion and pride you convey!! I just love this time of year!! My blog is full of soccer pictures! My son is a junior here in Belgrade, MT, and we are the Panthers too. lol! I totally love your work Lea!! You have totally inspired me to scrap my soccer photos! Sheridan isn't in our conference so I can be a fan of your little brother too! lol! Go Panthers!

  11. Great photos...thanks for sharing them with us.

  12. Nice work Lea. Would have loved to be at the big game but unfortunately had to work. Thanks to your awsome photos and great commentary I got a little of feel of being there. Thanks, and I'll being seeing you soon.


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