Homecoming Victory over Albertion, 54-0

October 1, 2008

It was yet another Panther victory this past Friday night! So...were all my football readers wondering where their Monday football post was? Come on...admit it- you were checking. Tee hee hee- just kidding!!

The Varsity starters put a great game on for us in the first half, as did the non-starters in the second half. Our JV players (with some starters mixed in at times) played almost the entire second half, and scored a touchdown on the Alberton starters. It was great getting to watch all the boys play, and a fun game to be at!

I am going to start you off with a set of photos that were all in a row on my camera. I can't remember now if this was all the same run, but even if it wasn't- it shows how well Casey can scramble, run, and how well he sees the field. If this wasn't the same play, it wasn't more than two different plays. (But I am really thinking it was one run. I am sure my dad will let me know either way! Tee hee!)

This set of photos is from a 2-point conversion play. Two great blocks by Tanner and Paul, and a great catch by Mike. (And of course...a great pass by Case!)

Just a good group take down here...gotta love seeing all that purple and black. (And #33 cracks me up. What exactly are you going to do here...pat him on the head? I really do get some of the funniest shots at these football games. When I have a chance, I will have to blog a funny post of photos. I crack myself up with my random commentary about what is going on in the photos as I edit them. Geeky photographer type over here...I can admit it!)
Just a great shot of Mike following one of his trusty blockers. :)
And here is the Homecoming Court. The juniors won Homecoming King & Queen this year. Congrats to Miranda and Tyler!

Like I said before, the starters didn't play much in the second half. They struck a quick pose for me while on the sidelines. Bummer that Levi was blinking...but it is still a great photo! (Yep- Casey has purple hair. Hey, it is better than hot pink!) Left to right: Tyler, Levi, Paul, Casey, Josh, & Mike.
And of course, the sweet sound of victory. Finally got a shot of my purple haired brother doing the victory song. I never seem to be on the same side he is, and never find him in time!
After the game, the booster club BBQ'd for the high schoolers and they watched a movie out on the football field. It was COLD, but I am sure those that were there had a great time!

So, this all leads to the big rivalry game between Sheridan and Twin Bridges this coming Friday. It is a pretty ugly and bitter rivalry right now. But, these Sheridan Panthers are good enough to beat them! It is going to be a gritty battle, no doubt...but I absolutely believe that as a team they can win this game!! Go get em' Panthers....you have an entire town of people who know your greatness!! Be confident, play smart, play hard...but most of all, go out there and have FUN!! That is what it is all about!

Until later,

ETA: Here are the articles on the game:

The Montana Standard

Sheridan 54, Alberton 0
SHERIDAN — Sheridan offense was pretty balanced, and entirely overwhelming as Sheridan threw 9 times for 174 yards and five touchdwns, while the rushing offense tracked up 164 yards on 27 tries with two scores.

Casey Crippen threw four of those scores, completed a pair of two-point conversion passes and ran for a third.

On defense, James Huffield earned a safety by tackling the Alberton punter in the endzone. Huffield also caught a 48-yard pass from Jarrad Fchandelmeier.

Mike Buyan hit paydirt three times and Bradley Lueck scored two times.

Alberton 0 0 0 0 — 0
Sheridan 22 14 8 10 — 54

First quarter
S — Mike Buyan 34 pass from Casey Crippen (Crippen run)
S — Bradley Lueck 5 pass from Krippen (Buyanm pass from Crippen)
S — Buyan 14 pass from Krippen (Pass failed)
Second quarter
S — Levi Broksle 18 run (Pass failed)
S — Buyan 38 pass from Crippen (Crippen run)
Third quarter
S — Lueck 2 run (Lueck pass from Crippen)
Fourth quarter
S — James Huffield tackeld Alberton punter in endzone
S — Huffield 48 pass from Jarrad Fchandelmeier (Jerret Mears run)

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