Cutie animals part II, and CPS 80!

September 2, 2008

We are celebrating 80 weeks of sketches this week at the CPS Blog! So, instead of a brand new sketch this week...we decided to do a "review" of sorts, and give you a card and more! I decided to use sketch 61 again, and did a layout and a card. I did another Sassafras layout, featuring some cutie animals that are a bit more domesticated than the last layout about animals...and a bit cuter in my eyes! ;) (Click on the layout to make it larger...more details!)And then I did a card with some Sass scraps, and the same sketch! It was fun to show how you can use any type of sketch for any type of project! Be sure to check out the blog to see what the other ladies did...there are bags, layouts, a candle....lots of great projects other than cards! Getting so excited for Casey's first football game!! This Friday can't come fast enough. And I was wrong when I wrote about what his defensive position is...he is a linebacker. Like I really know the difference...but thought I would at least correct myself. ;) So far Casey is going to have quite a crowd of family and friends! Josh and I are coming, along with one of my co-workers named Tiffanie. Our grandma Penny and grandpa Dan are coming, along with our great aunt Judy. Aunt Judy normally brings quite a few people with her as you never know who else will be in attendance!

I bet you anything this week is going to go by SO SLOW....but I am just going to try to stay busy. There are some shows I want to the premiere tonight of the new 90210!!!! Ack! That was one of my very favorite shows growing I am SO excited to watch this premiere. I watched the season opener of season six of One Tree Hill last night....SO happy that it was Peyton that he called! It looks like this is going to be a VERY interesting season...which is good since I am pretty sure it will be the last one. I also have some scrappy things I want to get done...a sweatshirt I want to make (just with an iron-on), and some cleaning to do before we leave on Friday.

So, here is hoping the week goes by quickly.

Only 4 days until Panther football,


  1. You know I love the Sass and your projects are rockin'!!
    I hope this week goes by fast too :)

  2. Your projects are to die for Lea, you completely rocked this week @ CPS, okay you always do, but it's fun to see you use the sketch for more than one creation!!!

    We had our first football game, it was AWESOME! My son made some great tackles, defensive back, and is working so hard, it's official I'm a phenatic and waiting for Friday too!

    Goooood Luck to Casey & you...giggle, can't wait to hear how it goes!

    hugs & love!

  3. Oh how FUN - football weekends are the BEST!!!! Hope you guys have the GREATEST time!! GOOD luck to Casey & his team!! our first game was this past weekend and it was AWESOME!! 48 - ZIP!! What a WIN! :)

    Girl - your creations are amazing! Beautiful eye candy my dear!! LOVE them!!

    Hope you have a great week!
    Lots of love,

  4. oh my goodness... i almost cried when I saw he called Peyton! i was thrilled!!!! i will be watching the 90210 premiere tonight too!! glad to have someone to delight in OTH with! :)
    love your projects! sass!

  5. Really love the big owl layout!! So cute!!!

    Hope it's a great season!!

  6. wow your dogs are really cute! love that owl too! those letters are also great

  7. what did you think of the new season????
    in my imaginary 90210 dream world...the OG cast would just take over and the new cast would have very small supporting roles..LOL

    Im looking forward to many more Brenda episodes.

    BTW "The Pit" is located 5 blocks from my house :)...although the real resturant is called "Kimoko"

  8. Hope you all had a great time at the football Lea...
    Your creations are as gorgeous as they always are...~X~
    Have a great Day:)

  9. LOVE all the sass girl!! These are just too stinkin' adorable!! hugs!

  10. Lea~I am loving all of these adorable projects!! Thanks for sharing!


  11. Love both takes on this sketch, Lea! Wonderful!


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