Perfectly laid back weekend!!

August 24, 2008

Happy Sunday all!! Did you have a nice weekend? Mine was perfectly laid back, and I loved it!! I got some scrapping done, the laundry (well, I am still finishing it up right now), and some cleaning done. Exactly what I wanted to do for the weekend. Also- you will have to excuse my post. It is super image if you make it to the end, you are my hero! :)

I got this layout done of my cousin's daughter, Kyla, yesterday afternoon. I LOVE to photograph this little girl, and add her to my scrapbooks so they will have some kids in them! :) I used a lot of KI Memories "Bloom" collection on this, and my favorite diecut butterfly from the Indie Arts cartridge for my Cricut. You can't really tell in the photo, but the bottom layer of the butterfly is all it! (Click on the image to see more detail!)
Do you want to know my secret about not getting (as much) glitter all over the place when I am using it? I don't SAVE it. I glitter my project, shake off all the excess...and the scrap paper that I used as my glittering surface gets put into the garbage with all excess glitter. Seriously...glitter is CHEAP! No need to get it all over and have to clean up to save a pennies worth of glitter. Try will want to use glitter more after you free yourself from trying to save it! Tee hee!

I am also a little late at posting this, but the beginning of August means I can upload my cards from the June issue of Cards Magazine. Here is what I had in the magazine that month!

And this is what my little brother was up to this weekend, besides football practice. Yep- he dyed his hair hot pink. Silly boy...but he thinks its cool. It is one of those wash out dyes, so his hair won't be pink for long...but the pads on the inside of his football helmet are all a lovely shade of pink. I bet his coach is THRILLED with that. Hopefully it washes out of padding as well as hair! (And seriously...what is up with teenagers sticking their tongues out in photos? They all do it, and I so don't get it.)
And last but not least, I haven't done this in I thought it would be fun. Here is a little peek at my CPS card this week. It will be posted on the blog later this week, and I will post the full card on mine after that! Be on the lookout...I really love my card this week. I used some of the new Scenic Route "Sonoma" papers....they are utterly gorgeous!
Well, that is all I've got for now. I have some other projects to share later on in the week, so be sure to check back! Have a great Sunday evening!

Less than two weeks until Panther football kicks of the season,


  1. LOVE your layout and the ice cream card.. so cute..

    in high school i dyed my hair forest green.... don't ask.

  2. Your LO is gorgeous Lea!! I love all the little touches you put on it... just fabulous!! :)

    All your cards rock of course! And your brother.. lol! Typical guy! ;) My ds (almost 14) wants to dye his hair blue.. haha!! I better not let him see this pic.. ;)

    I can't wait to see your CPS card.. YUM!! I just ordered all the new Sonoma too!! Scrumptious! Debating on the Surprise line.. do I need it? haha!

    Have a great day!

  3. Wow! These projects are all awesome! I especially love that ice cream cone! :D

  4. Yaaaay.. I made it to the end.. LOL!! Looove your new creations Lea! So many awesome details to look at! And you're sooo right about the glitter.. just like you I never save my glitters after using it.. I just throw it away.. hehe.. much easier and it doesn't get messy at all.. hehe.. XOXO

  5. Loving all your new stuff Lea, bright, colourful and fun!...including your brother's hair!!
    My son once shaved his to a #2 and dyed it bright blonde!!! he's naturally dark brown*!* boys hey!!

    Carol x

  6. Goegeous layout, love the KI!! All your cards are drool worthy and oh my.. pink hair. That had to be a shock, hehe

  7. Lea that layout is gorgeous!!! I love the glitter!! The photos are darling and that pattern paper is perfect!!! All of your cards are very pretty too!!! Congrats on them all being in Cards!!! :]

  8. I just love these super image heavy posts, so don't apologize. ;-) Your layout and cards are awesome. You have such a wonderful style.

  9. stunning creations, Lea!

    ps: I don't 'get'
    the tongue thing, either . . .

    oh well!!!

  10. I love it when you have a laid back weekend girl!!! It makes for THE BEST posts!!!! :)

    Your little bro is so funny! LOL HOT PINK! hahaha

    The layout is totally awesome!!

    WWWWWWOOOOOOOOOWWWWWW Congrats on the CARDS go on with your bad self girl!!!

    And I can't wait to see your CPS card for this week *wink*!!!

  11. heehee, I had purple hair in high school for a bit!

    Love that layout, the colors and butterflies look fab!

  12. ah, pink hair!! almost as cute as your darling creations!! GORGEOUS girl!

  13. Darling work Lea all of it is just gorgeous!!
    You little brother is soooo cute!!! Pink hair and all:) I have a little bro too:) He is in Iraq right now:(

  14. HAHA!! I'm dying over your li'l bro's pink hair!! So funny!! Well it couldn't better on such a cutie of a guy! ;) YOU are a GREAT big sister - he's lucky to have you!

    Lea your projects are just beautiful!!! Congrats on your cards being pubbed!! YAY!!

    Hope you're having a great week my friend! Hugs!


  15. Wow! Lots of eye candy for me to drool over this time! I simply love all of your projects...I adore KI paper lace, and you've used it so beautifully in the layout! YUMMY! You make me covet that cartridge just for the butterfly too! LOL! ;-D

    Congrats on having all the fabulous cards pubbed, Lea! My fave has got to be the vintage pink/black/white one! I love it!

    Woah...your brother's brave! I have to admit that the pink doesn't look too bad on him, though! LOL! ;-D

    I can't wait to get my hands on the Sonoma papers...your sneak peek looks so cool, and I can't wait to see the whole card soon! It makes me wish that I had some of those papers to play with already!

    Thanks for sharing!


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