Dixie Pieces August- Guest Designer

August 1, 2008

A little while ago, Marci asked me to be a guest designer for the kit called Dixie Pieces. It worked out that August would be the best month for me to do it, and I am SO glad! I just love this kit! Teal is one of my fave latest colors...and this kit was full of it. Be sure to check out the site and the kit....lots of gorgeous Chatterbox Artylicious, Luxe & Little Yellow Bicycle papers...glitter thickers...ribbon...cardstock...Cosmo black chipboard. They are also having an online crop this weekend with lots of great challenges and prizes! Be sure to check it out! Loved working with the kit! Here are my projects! (Click on them to see them larger...better detail!)

Christine also tagged me. So here we go...BTW, if you haven't been to Christine's blog...GO! It is full of pure eye candy...she is such an amazing crafter!

Here are the rules:

1. Link to the person who “tagged” you.
2. Post the rules on your blog.

3. Write six random things about yourself.
4. Tag six people at the end of your post.
5. Let each person know that they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.
6. Let the tagger know your entry is posted on your blog.

Here are my six random things:
1. I love to veg out and do nothing. I am busy enough, that I COULD be doing something all the time. But, I don't. I love sitting on the couch watching TV or movies by myself or with my husband.
2. I alluded to this in my last post, but I still buy CD's. I prefer them actually. And I don't have an Ipod...not really a necessity because I don't know when I would use it.
3. I love dancing to 80's music or cheesy current pop music while scrapbooking. It gets my creative juices flowing.
4. I really want to be a cheerleading coach someday.
5. I want to go to photography school.
6. I am really happy that my little brother's girlfriend is now his ex-girlfriend.

Okay- so here is who I am going to tag. You should check out their blogs too...because they have awesome eye candy as well...such talent in this crazy world of crafting!

Laura D.

Well, I have about a zillion projects to get done this weekend...and we really want to go to the lake tomorrow! So, I better get to it! Have a great rest of your Friday!



  1. WOW you really outdid yourself with that kit!!! each project is amazing!

  2. Love, love, LOVE your projects with the Dixie Pieces kit, Lea! Each one is gorgeous...love reading the journaling! Did you print the journaling out on the cardstock before completing the rest of the layouts? It's fabulous!

    Teal/turquoise/aqua are my current faves right now, and I have to consciously try not to use them so much in my projects! LOL!!

    I loved reading your random facts! So glad you played along! I also listen to pop/dance music when I scrap to get me motivated! ;-D

    Hope you have a chance to take the trip to the lake today! Enjoy the rest of your weekend! :)

  3. Love what you did with that kit ... especially the fabulous black blooms ... great stuff!

  4. *DROOL*!! lol!! Your stuff is always so amazing.. I think I wanna be you when i grow up! hahaha!! Thanks for the tag! I LOL"ed out loud for real about #6!! LOL!!!

  5. Lea, FAB job with the Dixie Pieces--who wouldn't want you to make their prodct shine? You rock, girl!

  6. Looove your LOs & cards, Lea!

  7. Gorgeous, gorgeous projects, Lea! You did a wonderful job with this kit! Thanks for the tag. It was fun reading random things about you. :)

  8. More amazing projects love that color combo. I had to snicker at your "happy your brothers gf is his ex". ;0)

  9. Every single thing you did was just gorgeous, which of course was no surprise.

    thanks for helping us out this month, you're awesome.

  10. you have such a cute blog :) love reading everything about casey and looking at all the stuff you do. so great! lol, on a personal note, i'm sorry i couldn't gain your approval as the 'girlfriend' the first time around, i'll work on it for this time :) hope you have a nice week, i will probably see you this weekend at the games again, hopefully it doesn't end up being too stressful!

    take care-


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