Sometimes life throws a curve ball....

July 22, 2008

If you can, please keep this boy, my little brother, in your prayers...
His chest has been hurting him some lately, so my parents told him to tell that to the doctor when he went in for his sports physical. When he told them that, they performed an EKG and said there was a slight abnormality. Then they did some type of pulmonary test on him, which for the most part came up inconclusive, but ruled out any lung issues.

So, he is scheduled for an echocardiogram on Thursday to get a true diagnosis, if there is any. The doctor said it could just be growing pains, but because he is a slim, tall, young male....the slight abnormality was a cause for concern. He is allowed to go about his daily life as normal right now, including football camp. They did tell him that if his chest started hurting during the camp that he was to immediately stop what he was doing, and to go to the hospital if it didn't subside.

I don't really know how I feel right now. It is a bit of a shock. But I also realize that it could be nothing. I am just believing that God has His hands on Casey's life, and that everything is going to be just fine.

But, if you have a moment to send up a prayer for him, I would appreciate it. I absolutely believe in the power of prayer, and I know that God hears each and every one.

I don't really have anything else to say right now, other than I will pick a winner of the giveaway I am doing on Friday at some point. Go to THIS post if you want a chance at the giveaway and haven't left a comment yet.

Humbly thanking you for your prayers,


  1. I will certainly lift your brother up in prayer. God already knows what the situation is and has it all under control, but isn't the wait terrible? I guess He wants us to use this time to fall completely in His arms and trust Him; so I will pray for peace for you and your family and the ability to let go of the worries and let Him be in control.

  2. Lea, I am so sorry to hear this. I will pray for your brother (and you) right now! Your little bro has had a rough year...I hope that these issues will soon be behind him! Take care and trust in Him!


  3. Hi Lea :)

    I've got your little brother and your entire family wrapped up in prayers! Just wanted you to know that and wanted to send you HUGS!


  4. I will put your brother in my prayers.
    Love and God bless,

  5. I'll keep your brother in my thoughts...
    You know, my brother had pains like these, and it was ONLY growing pains so... I'm sure he'll be ok

    hugs from France

  6. Lea, I will keep Casey, you and your whole family in my prayers!

  7. HUGE prayers for your brother Lea, oh my!

    hugs & love!

  8. First off, I love your blog! I had the same little scare when I did my first sports physical. They said it's common in young people who are still growing. It turned out that caffeine was really a big part in it. The combination of stress, chocolate, and running around in the heat wasn't too good I guess! But look at me now... I'm a firefighter, paramedic, and a Soldier. Hooah!

  9. Lots of prayers for your brother Casey and yourself Lea..:)

  10. saying a prayer right now for him and for your family. it's scary not knowing! hope he's just fine and they figure out what's going on very soon! hugs, Charity

  11. So sorry to hear this Lea---yo hang in there. Everything will be alright---lots of prayers for your family right now.

  12. Oh, Lea, how scary. He will definitely be in my prayers. Plese let us know as soon as you hear something...

  13. Oh Lea your brother is darling, I am so sorry to hear this, You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers! I am sure everything will be alright:) Positive thoughts:)

  14. Lea, I am so sorry to hear this, you and your family are in my thoughts :)

  15. oh lea, he will surely be in my prayers......hugs....try not to worry so much and leave it in Gods hands...

  16. Lea, I hope all is going well for your brother now, and that the doctors were able to get a diagnosis for what he's been experiencing.

    I'll keep him and your family in my prayers and hope that God gives you and your family peace about what he is going through. Sharon expressed it so well...may you find comfort in the arms of a loving Heavenly Father as you place your trust in Him. :)

  17. So glad everything is ok with your little bro, I'll keep sending lots of positive thoughts!


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