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July 31, 2008

Happy Thursday everyone!! How is your week going? Mine- super busy. I have gotten some last minute assignments, and have been working diligently on stuff for SOY. Need to get clothes washed and packed before Josh leaves on Monday afternoon. I am so thankful that he is going to drive to Provo...I can't imagine having to check all the scrappy stuff I need, plus clothing. I finally found a dress and cute sandals for the SOY banquet....for a good price too! It is really cute...I will post photos next week once I have them!

I have my CPS card to share today! This week we were sponsored by Rubbernecker Stamps. We all got to pick our own, so be sure to check out all the cards this week! Such a diverse set this week...they are really beautiful! Here is my card:

My loving husband also picked this up for me this week, dealing with all the flack he got from his employees! (No- I don't have an IPOD, and yes....I still like CD's. Gasp...the insanity! Tee hee!)His boss (who we have known for over 8 years...so he can do something like this) even called me with a warning. He told me to stay away from the front of the CD player because it might just spit the CD out....and that if I hear a loud grinding noise in the kitchen followed by a blood curdling scream...it is Josh putting his hand in a blender from having to listen to it. Needless to say...he wasn't to fond of my CD choice! I did reassure him that it will pretty much only be listened to in my car and my scrap room...so Josh was safe!

Well, that is all I have for today. Be sure to check back tomorrow...I have some projects to post for a guest design gig I took on for August!

Have a great day,


  1. I still buy CDs too! I do have an ipod though (love it for my runs)

    Sounds like you are getting all set for SOY!! WOOT! good luck Lea!

  2. So much cuteness in this post ;)

    Have a great trip!


  3. i watched that Leavin' video... ummmm.... sizzling hot. I love that song! I listen to it every time it comes on XM.... it's delightfully delicious.

  4. What an adorable card, Lea! I love all the cherries, and the colors are so eye-catching! LOVE it!

    How very thoughtful of your husband to buy the cd for you! I had to laugh at the comment that his boss made...I'm sure that my dh would feel the same way! LOL!

    I hope you have a safe and wonderful trip to Provo! Good luck with SOY! I can't wait to hear how it goes!

    BTW, I've tagged you and hope that you'll be able to play along. The rules are here:


    I'll be looking forward to reading your list! ;-D

    Hugs and blessings,

  5. Love your card - super cute : )


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