Basic & Angst....come on down!

July 8, 2008

I know....I last couple of titles have been so cheesy! I guess I am a little punchy from being so busy these days! Tee hee!

Anyways, I have some more new Glitz projects to share with you!! Basic & Angst are two more new collections that Glitz is releasing at Summer CHA. These lines just scream teenager to me...I love them!! First up is the basic line...check out the entire line here!

Next up is the Angst line. Once teenage boy, or a dare-devil little boy would be perfect for these papers! Check out the entire collection here!

Tonight I am working on samples for the Glam & Hot Mama collections!! Stop by tomorrow to check them out!

Have a great Tuesday evening,


  1. Lea, these are way too fab girly! I'm lovin' this stuff!

  2. dang girl!
    you make science
    look so bloomin' EASY!!!!!!!

  3. Whoa baby you are working hard!! Love the samples... "You r 100% fun" is my fave, i love the clear element on there! Way cool~

  4. Thesea re fabulous, Lea! I'm loving the Glitz lines!!!

  5. These are all fantastic. You are a card goddess!! I am so not worthy!! :) I think I am a little punchy as well!

  6. Wow! Beautiful cards. I am sure any teenager would love to get one of these. My fave the Periodic table.

  7. More `Rocking` cards Lea:)xI love them:)x

  8. As always you make the MOST amazing cards ever! You sure rock the GLITZ girl :)


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