Wednesday Weekend Recap

June 4, 2008

I is Wednesday! But, my last post was supposed to be about my weekend, and I was just to consumed with what had happened to Casey. Thank you so much for your sweet comments regarding the situation. I am so thankful to God that he is okay.

Josh and I had a wonderful weekend! We celebrated our 6th anniversary on Sunday...but did most of the celebrating on Saturday.

But first...on Friday we went up to Ronan to watch my brother Russell graduate. I know what you might be thinking...Russell? I actually have two other brothers besides Casey, named Russell and Robby, who are my biological dad's kids. I just don't know them all that well right now. I don't plan on going into detail, but let's just say as a whole family...we have gone through some things. I am a true believer in forgiveness, but I also think that time is needed in order to heal. But I think things are going to be okay now. was great getting to watch Russell graduate, and then spend some time up at their house, getting to know each other again.

On Saturday we exchanged anniversary gifts. It seems we both had photographs on our minds. I made this frame for Josh (and our house). Because it is clear all the way through...I couldn't get a good shot of it head on. Hopefully you can see enough of it this way.

And Josh framed this photo that he did himself. He used a tea light and a slow shutter speed to get photos of each letter and heart...and then layered them together in Photoshop. He made it for my scrapbooking room! Isn't that so sweet! The actual framed project didn't photograph I figured posting the actual photo was even better!

On Saturday night, we went to a REALLY nice restaurant called the Red Bird. I wish I had brought my camera, because the food was presented beautifully...and the restaurant was just so eclectically pretty. It isn't a place we can afford to go often...but for special occasions, I think we have found a new favorite! After dinner we went to the Prince Caspain movie....pretty good!

On Sunday we were lazy at home, playing a new video game Josh got with the points card that was also part of his gift. Little did he know that I would end up loving the game as we both are playing it. It is called Puzzle Qwest...and it is totally addicting! So fun!

If you made it this far...thanks for reading! Tee hee!

The first political window is OVER! Yes!

ETA: Casey is doing well. He is still on pain medication, so the wounds still hurt. He is also bored out of his mind because he has to lay around the house and let them heal. There is such a risk of infection with big open wounds like that, and my parents aren't letting him take any chances that he will get one. But, I talked to him for a little bit on Monday night and he knows that he made a dumb decision. He is also realizing that he isn't invincible...which is a good thing for boys to figure out. Thanks for asking about him Kimberly!!


  1. well happy anniversary! so glad you went out together and had a nice time.

    beautiful card!

    as for the family know how i feel about all of that. i am glad you have been able to put some of it behind you.

    i really came to get an update on casey....hope he's feeling better/not quite a sore.

  2. Hey Lea!

    Glad to hear that your little bro is doing a bit better!

    I LOVE that clear frame. Where did you get it and what are the dimensions? I'm looking for something like that. Happy Anniversary! I hope you two will have many many more happy years together!

    Adorable card (as always)!!


  3. I love that card and it sounds like you guys had a lovely anniversary celebration!!

  4. Happy anniversary. Love that card. Glad your borther is doing better.

  5. happy anniversary! dh and i are celebrating our 6th this weekend too ( a week early). glad your brother's doing a bit better... those wounds must hurt! hope they heal well and quickly!

  6. Happy Anniversary!

    Beautiful card!

    Glad Casey is doing better!

  7. Yay Lea so glad you popped in to say Hi. Can't wait to see what you do with the sketches

  8. baby-licious card!
    glad Case is feeling better.

    time does heal all.

  9. Happy Anniversary, Lea! Love that sweet card. So pretty! Glad to hear Casey is doing a bit better.

  10. Happy Anniversary friend!!! It sounds like you had a day to remember! I love the photo Josh did for you..what a sweetie he is!!!

  11. Happy Anniversary to you both! I'm glad it was a special time.. love your gorgeous..and also the baby card ~ really sweet! Gx


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