June 10, 2008

Yes- you read my title correctly. We got snow today in the garden city, and all over Montana. It didn't stick, thank goodness...but it was still SNOW in June!! Craziness I tell you. Our weather has been so weird lately. Loud crashing thunder woke us up at almost 6am this morning. I am really surprised the dogs didn't go nuts. Then the snow. Now it is raining and sunshiny at the same time...with a gorgeous rainbow enveloping the city. Thankfully it is supposed to get warm over the weekend.

Work has been nuts. We are in the middle of a big software conversion, and I feel like I have been working non-stop for the last two weeks....and we still have 3.5 weeks left! It is going to be wonderful once it is finished, but it is a lot of tedious work until then.

I have a few birthday cards to share with you this evening. Lots of Sass product on this one. Love that Sunshine Lollipop is one of my recent faves!

Some of the Basic Grey cupcake line. I love the rub-ons for this whimsical. They also mix well with some of the first colored rub-ons that American Crafts came out with.

And this one didn't turn out quite how I pictured it. Not my favorite, but that is okay. Gotta happen sometime! :)Casey is doing well....still just healing. And in trouble. Indefinitely. He made a bad decision last week (nothing to do with his motorcycle accident) and it got him grounded for who knows how long. Won't go into detail...but I really hope this kid starts learning from his mistakes. I love him more than life itself....but he makes some dumb choices.

Anyways...I am ready to just go veg out for the rest of the night~

Have a lovely evening,


  1. I thought snow in May was bad! June?? Crazy.
    Cool cards :)
    And um,

  2. snow? that's just crazy stuff!!

    lovely cards Lea!

  3. snow in June?????????
    super yukkie.

    teenage boys
    are very squirrelly.
    he'll figure it out.

    hang tough, big sister.

  4. What a lovely cards. Beautiful colours.

  5. Totally awesome cards Lea! So bright and cheerful!

  6. Love them all. They are so bright and fun! Hoping Casey is using his time wisely and thinking about his choices. I'm so dreading Ryan's teen years...

  7. snow in june, huh? ick!
    hope casey figures it out. it's hard growing up!
    cute cute cards!

  8. ha ha, that sounds like both of my brothers... will they ever learn?? They're the same age too, one is 17 the other is 21. LOVE these fun cards Lea!

  9. lea these are fabulous cards so bright and cheery and so much fun ! can't believe you got snow thats crazy !!!

  10. Wow, great cards! You are totally my card idol!

  11. Snow, oh my!! Love the cards, hoping Casey uses his extra time to think about his choices. So dreading the teen years.. I know my lil' bro gave my parents many white hairs.

  12. Ack! That happy day card is SOOOOO cute!! Love it, Lea!

  13. ok, i love ALL THREE CARDS a *lot*! ...but...the last one (you know, the one you were disappointed with?!) is TOTALLY my favorite!!!!!!! :) :) :)

    (PS: not that it will make you feel any better right now, but i was THE QUEEN of "bad decisions" as a teenager! and i am really quite a nice, upstanding, card-makin' grown-up now. HONESTLY!!!) :)


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