May 26, 2008

That word pretty much sums up how the state track meet was both Friday and Saturday. We arrived on Friday morning at about 10am. Luckily Rob had ponchos for us, because we just weren't prepared for the fact that it was pouring outside. We all decided to be at the finish line for Casey's first event, which was the 4x1 trial. Little did we know that we would have to walk through "Lake Track Meet" in order to get there. Because it was pouring, we didn't get photos of the relay. We realized after this weekend that our next purchase along with the protective filter for our new lens, is also a weatherproof cover for it all.

Casey's next event wasn't until 3:45pm...and Josh and I were miserable. Our feet were completely soaked after walking through the lake, our jeans soaked up to our knees....something neither of us could stand to sit in. So, we went to the hotel, dried off and changed. We had some time, so we went in search of rain boots, to no avail. Then we had lunch, and went back to the track meet. Thankfully, the rain subsided for Casey's last event! We even broke out the monster lens for the event...but forgot to check which focus setting we were on. Needless to was on the wrong one, and the camera focused behind Casey instead of on him. Oh well...we knew this lens was going to be a learning experience. Casey's last event on Friday was the 200m trial, which he ended up making it to the finals!! Yeah for Casey!

The next day there was constant rain, ranging from drizzle to rain...but no outright downpours. We were also way more prepared!! Absolutely NO crossing the lake, so we took photos from a different side, instead of the finish line. We got this great shot of Casey's hand-off to Joe in the finals of the 4x1 relay. They took 2nd place in the relay! Just awesome...they were so on in this event.

Then we got the start of Casey's 200m finals race. In the larger sized photos on my computer, you can see the rain coming down. You might notice in the photos of him running, Casey has zero technique right now when it comes to running. He relies completely on the fact that he has a lot of power and muscle. He is going to a clinic this summer that is two nights a week for a month that focuses on proper techniques when it comes to running and jumping. It is going to make him a better athlete all around...whether it be football, basketball, or track. He is pretty excited to do it!

He didn't end up placing in the 200m, but that is okay. The race was just CRAZY to watch. There was no true leader in the bunch. Once they rounded that 2nd corner, it was just a big clump of boys who all seemed to cross the finish line at the same time. All of the times were so close, and the competition so stiff, it took them awhile to figure out the places. Casey had such a great attitude this weekend. When it ended and he found out he ended up 7th, one away from the podium...he just shrugged his shoulders, smiled, and said, "that's okay...I am still one of the top 10 runners in class C". I LOVE this attitude. He can get into the "I suck big time" attitude, so it was nice to see Josh put it all weekend.

The last event of the day was the 4x4 relay. They ended up taking 5th place, but were expected to take 2nd. Casey ran his leg in 52.1 seconds, good enough for a 2nd place finish. But, one of the other runners struggled on his leg, and was 3 seconds down from his normal run time. The last two legs just couldn't make up for those lost 3 seconds, though they did an awesome job pushing it so the team would at least place. Casey was a bit bummed out about that one, especially since last week their relay was just flawless. But, he did his best to not blame it on the slow leg runner, and reminded himself that he ran the fastest leg of the relay and did what he could to make them succeed.

So, while the rain was miserable...Josh and I wouldn't have missed the meet for anything. Casey got on the podium twice, and their team (Sheridan boys) took third place overall. Such an awesome experience for a sophomore! They put the podium where you couldn't take photos of it, because they want you to purchase their photos. Irritating...but I get it. I totally would have paid an admission fee to be able to get my own photos just to make sure they turned out okay....but alas, they didn't offer that option. Tee hee! So, I will just have to order the photos from MHSA. I am such a control freak...I hope whoever the photographer was did a good job. I have to order the dang things without even SEEING them!

That was the highlight of our weekend! It has continued to be chilly and I have just been relaxing at home the past couple of days.

Happy Memorial Day,

P.S. Casey shaved his legs for the track meet. I will have to call him and see how miserable he is once it starts to grow back. I can't imagine how many ingrown hairs he is going to have! Bwahahahaha!


  1. Wow what a day you had...sounds similar to our soccer saturday....wet and soggy...but the kids had fun!!!

  2. What awesome photos!!! Casey is so lucky to have a big sister like you. ;)

  3. Lea, I think you're the best big sister ever! Great pictures!

  4. how many other sisters
    would brave the cold,
    rainy weather to
    watch her little brother
    run track?!!!
    you are an amazing,
    devoted, sister Lea.
    these are special
    times for you and Casey.
    remember them.
    cherish them
    hold them close.
    your pics are over the top
    incredible, btw!

  5. okay, the ingrown hairs thing...totally made me laugh. eh hem. sorry. LOL!

    congrats to casey. he did awesome. and his positive attitude? even better!

    you are oen awesome sister for braving the weather. what a great family you must have!

    your photos are awesome. sorry about the wrong setting on the new lens....but you're right, it's a learning experience.

    glad you're back home and dry!! again, congrats to casey!

  6. wow, your pictures are fabulous!!

    I agree, you are a wonderful big sister!!!!

  7. Awesome photo's!

    Can't wait to see the pics you will take this football season with that lens!

    I cracked up to about the ingrown hairs

  8. WE had a wet weekend too!! Looks like you had a blast. Congrats to Casey for a great job at the meet, those are always so fun to watch!


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