Cloudy but warm....

May 5, 2008 is so nice out today. It is pretty cloudy, but the temperature is so mild...I am LOVING it. Our high today is supposed to be 74 degrees, and we are well on our way. Spring is finally making its way to Montana!!

This week's sketch at the CPS Blog was put up yesterday! These next two weeks our sponsor is Scor-Pal. This is a great tool that makes card making easier, and gives you more options when it comes to the folds in your cards! The website has lots of great ideas for unique folds, and how to make small bags and boxes as well, so be sure to check it out! This is a little sneak peek of my card for this week. Check back Thursday to see it in its entirety!

I had about 45 minutes of free time last night before going to bed, so I got these three Halloween cards done. Nice and simple...just the way I like them!

Did everyone have a good weekend? Mine was really nice. Friday night I made a pizza, and curled up on the couch with the pups and watched Juno. (It was o.k. Not my favorite movie ever, but not awful either.) On Saturday I ran some errands, and then scrapbooked a bit. I had church at 7pm, and it was awesome! I left church a bit early to pick up Josh at the airport, and then spent the rest of the weekend with him until he had to go to work last night at 8pm. It is nice to have him home...but our house is already a disaster! I swear...he is like a tornado! Tee hee! Oh well...what can you do other than clean it up (with his help, of course!).

Jason's message at church on Saturday night was really great. Last week he talked about how God is a perfect Father, and this week he added on to that about how God is a gracious Father. He based his message on the Parable of the Prodigal Son (Luke 15:11-32). I always learn something new whenever someone preaches on this parable. This time Jason put a quote up that I have been pondering since. "Grace runs to sin, but we make sin crawl to grace." It makes so much sense. God, like the father of the prodigal son, RUNS to you when you stumble and fall. He wants to pick you up, brush you off, and cover you again in his amazing grace. But so often Christians, including myself, make it so much harder than it has to be. I know that I often need this reminder. I, in human form, am not worthy. But God loved me so much that He sacrificed His son so that I might have everlasting life. All I have to do is ask, and God's forgiveness will surround me. Better yet...He will forgive me, and forget it. Amazing.

That quote has been on my heart, and I don't want to forget it. So while the selfish part of my entry is so that I will remember it, and be able to study on it again...I hope that someone might be blessed by it as well.

Only by His grace,


  1. Our pastor talked about that very same parable yesterday! I was very blessed, as well, thinking of how forgiving and merciful our heavenly Father is!! Not only does he forgive us, he can't wait to forgive us!! Amazing!

    Your cards are adorable :) 45 minutes for three? You are good!

    Have a great week,

  2. can't wait to see the whole card. love the sneak peek! cute halloween cards too.

  3. Oh, Lea! These are all just lovely!

  4. What fun Halloween cards! Love your sneak!

  5. Lea, you did it again!!! Gorgeous cards!! Can't wait to see the first in it's entirety!

  6. Gorgeous cards again Lea! Such beautiful work in only 45 minutes! It takes me that long to come up with the design LOL :O)
    Glad you had a nice weekend..hope the rest of your week is great too.

  7. Love that quote. It really got me thinking. It's so true. Thanks for posting it.
    I can't believe you made those cards in 45 min. It takes me that long to make 1!!! Absolutely stunnign work as always!

  8. I adore those halloween cards Lea! too cute!

  9. Ohhhh sweetness! Such darling, darling cards Lea!

  10. WOW! So many beautiful projects in your blog! :)


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