A little more vacation...

April 24, 2008

Wow...what a week at work so far! It is always hard to get back into the swing of things when you are gone for a week. And of course, our political season decides it is going to get underway immediately....with Obama requesting avails to advertise. And then the Clinton campaign swooping right in after Obama's campaign placed his orders...almost like they have a freaking radar! Who knew the great big but underpopulated state of Montana would see some presidential election money?

Anyways....before I get back to how our vacation went, I wanted to let you know that I posted a tutorial on the Glitz Blog about the digital card kits they offer. Below is a little glimpse of what I did...be sure to check out the blog for the entire tutorial!

Alright....back to our vacation in Big Sky. The next couple of days it snowed, and snowed....and snowed some more. We were very content relaxing in our condo, playing games, eating so MUCH food, and just enjoying each other's company.

We played Chicken's foot, Farkle, Uno Spin, Trivial Pursuit....see that winning pink piece above? That would be mine....thank you very much. Tee hee!

Of course, we did venture out and explore the great (but VERY snowy) outdoors as well. Just check out all the snow!!!

These are my in-laws....aren't they so sweet!? I thought his photo was adorable of the two of them. Miss Vanessa prays and prays for snow every time they come up here....and it seems to happen every time. God sure listens when she prays....tee hee!

And I had to add this photo in the mix. We met this sweet little ball of fur named Hannah on one of our walks. I was missing the pups by the time we saw her....so she was a good fix. She is a black haired version of Sadie...just with a whole lot more hair! She was so lovable...she let us pet and love on her for the longest time. And she LOVED all the snow. She would burrow her face into it...roll around in it....eat it. She was adorable!

Well, that is as far as I have gotten into editing photos so far. I hope to post some Yellowstone photos by the end of the weekend. I took HUNDREDS of photos at Yellowstone...so editing could take some time. It will be worth it though....from what I have seen, we got some really cool shots.

Oh, and guess what!? Casey had a doctor's appointment yesterday, and he is 100% cleared! He can start lifting again, doesn't have to wear the brace any longer (not like he was wearing it the last two weeks anyways)...he is free to do as he pleases! I am so excited for him. His elbow is still bigger than the other one....but the doctor reassured us that it is scar tissue and not swelling. So, we are so happy. I am so happy for Casey. I know he is ready to get back strength and muscle tone....and start SMOKING people in the 400m!

So ready for the weekend,


  1. Wow, that's a lot of snow, glad you were able to get out..what a cute dog, she looks so happy and at home in the snow! Have a lovely weekend :O)

  2. I love photos! your puppy is darling:)

  3. Hey Lea, welcome back!!! missed ya! the photos are beautiful, living Northeast I don't appreciate the snow like this, lots of snow and slush and no countryside. But photos like these make me want winter again!!

  4. now you know I love that bling, Lea!
    and your in-laws are just tooooooo cute!!!
    tfs all your beautiful pics.

  5. I hopped on over to Glitz...LOVED your creations!!!

    Oh the pics are super! I love that edging on your photos...can you share where you got it...or do you make it yourself?

  6. Welcome back! Glad you had a nice break.

  7. Gorgeous creations girl! Loved them! I never win at Trivial Pursuit! I think that deserves a HUGE congrats!! he he

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  9. love your game shots - I love game night!
    your inlaws are so cute - I can see where Josh takes after them

  10. Love your digi-tutorial, Lea! And I'm happy for Casey's good report too!

  11. Love your pictures! Wish it would snow like that here. Thanks for linking the tutorial. I am off to check it out. :)


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