April 10, 2008

I am normally not a venter, especially on my blog. But, I am also not a perfect person and sometimes need a way to express my frustration.

See this layout? It was picked up for Memory Makers SBIG call. I did all the paperwork they require, which honestly feels like more paperwork than it took to do our refi or our taxes. And I sent it in.

Once they received the layout, I got an email saying they needed photo releases from the players. It was a scratch my head kind-of moment...because the photos aren't of a particular player. They are just general baseball can't even really see their faces, especially in the one where there backs are to me.

To make a long story short, forwarding them an email from the owner of the team stating that it was fine to publish the layout and thanking me that I included the Missoula Osprey on it wasn't sufficient. They wanted photo releases from the owner AND every player. I told her to forget it and to just send the layout back to me. It just isn't worth it in the long run.

I scrapbook for the fun of it...and part of that fun for me is seeing my stuff in magazines. That is why I submit to them all. I don't really care about the payment. I have a real job that pays for my bills. So, payments from a mag is just extra fun money that I set aside to buy things for my camera, or whatever I want. But, family members get a kick out of seeing themselves in print, and it is exciting seeing my projects in them as well. This was not fun, so I won't be submitting to them in the future. I will stick with the publications that continue to make scrapbooking and card making enjoyable.

Well, this ranter needs to get back to work. Hope everyone is having a wonderful day so far! And on a not so negative note...I am getting my hair cut tonight. Yeah!!! It needs it!

Officially on vacation at 5:30pm tomorrow night,


  1. That is pretty ridiculous! I could see if they were minors. But these are adults, right?? There should be no release needed for that sort of thing. Maybe the people over at the magazine weren't aware of that.

    I hope your other submissions go more smoothly than this one!!

  2. OMG now I know why I never submit anything to magazines... I'm not surprised you are tearing your hair out. It is a stunning layout though Lea and the good thing is that it's yours to keep. Don't let 'em get you down hun!!

  3. Well, it's a gorgeous LO!! Thanks for sharing it :)


  4. Beautiful LO!

    I don't understand why they make it so hard?

  5. Sorry about the run-around with that page. I've had similar stuff happen and even had a page sent back after the staff made an editorial change. So I didn't get paid for the page PLUS was out the original shipping I had spent.
    I've not done much submitting to mags anymore either. You're right. They do make such a hassle and take most of the fun out of it. For the small amount of $ they pay. I'm happy scrapping for fun! I'm glad you are too. And I hope you love your new haircut! =)

  6. stick to your guns, Lea.
    it'll be 5:30 before you know it . . . hugs!

  7. I am so sorry that happened to you. I don't even like that magazine. Hang in there. I'm sure the haircut will fix you right up.

  8. oh that is tooooo CRAZY!!!

    have a GREAT vacation!!!


  9. Awwww, Lea! Bummer. . . I hate jumping through hoops--not FUN at all. It is an amazing layout!

  10. That totally stinks. Seriously, too bad for them, cause they missed out on showcasing a fantastic LO! Enjoy your vacation!!

  11. have a great vacation!!!!

    it's a terrific layout - I'm sure someone else will snap it up! Looks perfect for Scrapbooks Etc. :)

  12. It certainly cured me of submitting anything to MM without having access to all of the people in the layout. It is a pain when there are multiple people. YIKES! Sorry to hear about it, but I LOVE the layout. :)

  13. Aw bless you...well said tho!!!
    Your LO is beautiful..and they lost out!!!too bad for them I say!!!
    How ridiculous....
    Have a lovely haircut...and a lovely Holiday....
    "Way to go":)

  14. Well that stinks! Way to go, asking for it back. It's a super cool layout too!

    Have a great weekend!

  15. That is crazy! I don't submit to them anymore because of the paperwork. Great layout though - that's an ad challenge one - right? :) Somebody will definitely pick it up!

  16. Sorry to hear you had to go through such a hassle for nothing. That stinks! :( It is a beautiful layout, and it is their loss. Hope you have a great vacation!


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