He wants to be a Track Star baby...

April 2, 2008

That has to be the lamest title ever....but I can deal with it. I know I am a big dork! :) Just wanted to give an update on my little bro Casey. He got his cast off last week, and is now wearing a brace on it for the next month. The awesome news is that he has started track practice, and will get to compete once he has put in the mandatory practice hours! I did this layout of one of his meets that I made it to last year.

This year's track layout(s) are going to end up looking a bit different. Doctor's orders are NO jumping. So, Casey will be focusing on sprinting this year. He will be running the 100m, 200m, 400m, and two of the relays. The kid is FAST....so it is probably a good thing he is focusing on sprinting this year. He made it to state as a freshman last year in two sprinting events I think....hopefully this year he will make state in all his events!!

Do you want to know what I have gotten done scrapping wise the past two evenings? Nada...nothing...zilch. We got a Wii on Monday night, and played until it was time to go to bed. And then last night we watched a couple episodes of Dexter on demand. Maybe I will get something done tonight? We will see!

Can you believe it is April already?


  1. Fantastic Lo out your bro Casey...Well done to him...way to go:)
    and thanks for visiting my blog so much appreciated...Have a great Evening:)x

  2. Well, that layout rocks my socks off. You are such a supportive big sister too. That's very cool.

  3. Lea,
    I love your scrapbook page! Your bro is lucky to have a sister that can immortalize those amazing moments. Thanks for stopping by my blog, Lea.


  4. Another amazing layout, Lea! I'm glad that Casey is allowed to be back in the game again. :-) Does he know how blessed he is to have a sister who chronicles him so lovingly?

  5. Always love your style, Lea!!!

    Yeah, the Wii will do it to ya!! It is so fun, isn't it? What is your fave so far??

  6. This lo rocks Lea, love all the photos on it! So gald the cast is off and he's ready for track. Happy scrappin. :0)

  7. What a FAB layout, Lea! I love the series of action shots--really shows off your little broski's talent and joy for the sport! Looks like he's already on the road to stardom! Careful, that Wii can get addictive, hehe! thanks for the stop by my blog--I love yours and I've been missing out on some major inspiration here! No more!

  8. That is fantastic for your brother!You are a great sister.

    Well the Wii entered your home...nothing but trouble! I just finished playing guitar hero when I should have been packaging orders...

  9. omgosh - your layout is GORGEOUS! I love that track star! :)
    Hi Lea! I just love ya to pieces. Thank you SO much for your sweet comment about my Glitz book!!! YES we did get a new baby...I posted him on my blog, you gotta go see him!!

    HEY MOVE to Texas!! I would LOVE to hang out with you!!!! :)

    HUGS sweet girl!

  10. Great LO I love the way you've done the title and the "Track Star" is the perfect title! :O)

  11. love the track star, Lea!

    I'm getting weak.
    Might have to 'invest'
    in a Wii . . . !!

  12. Glad Casey is doing well...does your arm hurt from playing tennis on the Wii? My fave game is the Mii matching game on Wii Play.

  13. Glad to hear Casey is going good!

    Love your LO!

    I can't believe it April either.

    I can't wait until we get a Wii.

  14. Great layout, Lea! Love the design. Have fun with you Wii!


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