April 7, 2008

I was scrapbooking some photos of our trip to Yellowstone on Sunday afternoon...and I just became overwhelmed when editing some of the photos. I remember how overwhelmed I was when we saw the sights in person. It is just amazing to me. God made these beautiful sights....humongous in nature but full of detail. I felt so small and minuet compared to them...but so BLESSED because with even how small and unimportant I truly am, God hears my every thought, prayer, worry, wish....he knows what is in my heart. I am important to God, regardless of what I do or how I act. That thought gives me goosebumps, and makes me so thankful.

I can't share the layout I did, but I can share one of the photos. This is my favorite off the layout that I did. Every time I look at it I am just awestruck.
Only four more days until we are officially on vacation. We are so excited to see Josh's parents, and just have a relaxing week at Big Sky Resort. None of us ski, which is good since the actual mountain is now closed. BUT, it is gorgeous up there...and so peaceful. Last year we had a wonderful we are looking forward to this year very much!

I will leave you with a song that I love. I thought of it as I was overwhelmed by those photos this weekend...I think it explains exactly how I was feeling. Hope you like it!

Have a wonderful evening,


  1. Oh Lea.
    You are so right on.

    And what a photographer you are.

    Was just thinking about you today, and wondering if you'd started your vacation! Sounds heavenly - and I do mean that literally!


  2. what an amazing shot and it is wonderful to see His creation and think He knows me by name! wow! Hope you and your family have a safe and fun time!

  3. What an amazing post! Lea, it is so fun to read your get a glimpse of you!

    Have the best time on your vacation!


  4. wow...what an amazing photo!! Wish I could see the song...but my evil corporate office blocked it!! Can't wait to see the layout you did. OH..and I lifted a layout of yours this's SO NOT my style but I love it!! :)

  5. UMMM WOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWW!!!!!! That is a fantastic pic Lea!! WOW!

  6. gorgeous photo! wow.

    have a great time with josh and his parents. sounds like it will be wonderful!!

    and thanks for answering me about casey. glad things are going well and he'll be back to 100%!!

  7. Wow, that photo is amazing.. I so want to visit there someday. How fun that your vacation starts soon. Have a great week. :0)

  8. Stunning pic of Yellowstone!
    Hope you have a wonderful time :O)

  9. wow, such stunning pics...
    That song is so beautiful. I have always felt God so strongly in nature as his first masterpieces.
    Such an emotional video! Thanks for sharing this!
    Kim FAucher

  10. What a gorgeous photo! Hope you all have a wonderful trip. :D

  11. That photo simply takes my breath away. Awesome, really almost defies words.

  12. Thanks for sharing the beautiful picture and song with us. Happy vacation!

  13. I absolutely love that song. Amazing God loves us so much to give us such beautiful sunrises and sunsets and everything inbetween.

  14. Beautiful song and love the photo. One day I hope to visit that area. :)

    I'm totally w/ya on the above post too. Feel free to rant. ;)


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