's Wednesday?!

March 19, 2008

I can't believe it is Wednesday! The week seems to be going faster than usual. I haven't had any scrappy time so far this week...Josh and I have found a new show we like. The first 2 season are available on demand, so we have been watching them together. The show is called "Dexter", and it is a Showtime original. Pretty morbid and graphic, but entertaining. The acting is really great, and it isn't your typical cop show. Josh works tonight I plan on getting some scrapbooking and cardmaking in! I will show those projects in tomorrow's post!

These should be in the mail today from Netflix:

The newest movie in the bunch- I have wanted to see this since it has been in the theaters, but we very rarely go to the movies anymore. They are just so expensive!! So, it has to be something we both really want to see...and then we make it a date! We thought about seeing this one in the theater, but decided to wait until it came to DVD.

This is a Lea only movie...I know Josh won't watch Hairspray with me. But, I loved the original, so I am sure I will love this one too!

And I still can't believe that we don't own this movie, and that we have never seen it. We own the first two, but never got around to purchasing this one. So, Netflix it is, and we will see if we really like it!

Well, that is all I have for today. Still waiting on my new package from Scrapgal to get here...doesn't even show it has shipped yet. I am getting really anxious.... Oh- and August 08 Cards Magazine calls went out last night. They picked up 5 of my cards...always excited for Cards call day! Now to see if I get any love for August 08 Scrapbook Trends Mag!

5:30pm can't come soon enough,


  1. Isn't Dexter interesting? I watched the first two seasons over Christmas holidays and thoughout January, can't wait for season 3!

  2. Congrats on the Cards toots!!! Love the cards you made with Kim's stamps. Too cute!

  3. Congrats on getting your cards picked up Lea :D
    Looks like you are real movie buffs I love the Shrek movies but have to say I wasn't impressed with no3 well apart from the shrek babies of cours...tooo cute lol
    I have a little LOVE blog candy challenge going on, on my blog hope you will pop over and take part :D xx

  4. Congrats x5!! Have fun watching al those fun movies and creating this evening. :0)

  5. I've been thinking about watching Atonement but not sure if I will...I do love a happy ending and I might be crushed if it doesn't end that way!

    Congrats on the amount of Orlando Bloom that I'm seeing ;) You do an amazing job!!


  6. Love your blog name!!! I just saw Dexter the first time the other night--it's definitely different compared to the other csi type shows and I'm a huge fan of any John Waters movies--can't go wrong with hairspray even in a remake :)


  7. FIVE? Yay, Lea! Your style is SO perfect for that gorgeous magazine--way to go!

  8. The book - Atonement - was a good read. Not sure I want to see the movie.
    btw, I called about my order from SG recently - ordered 3/13 and arrived 3/17. just a thought . . .
    ps: you will LOVE Hairspray - lots of campy good fun!!

  9. Hope you enjoy your films! I kind of have Attonement on my list to see, they filmed the beach scenes at Dunkirk near where I live, actually they've left much of the derelict buildings painted up a la 1940's France! I'm not sure I can make it through the angst though, so that's why it's hovering mid-list... lol


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