March 7, 2008

Man I am so glad it is Friday. It has been quite the week at work, so I am ready for two days off. I have some scrapping plans for the weekend, and tomorrow afternoon I will be heading to the carousel for my sweet cousin Kyla's birthday. It is going to be a great photo opp...so excited for that! The Carousel in Missoula is GORGEOUS...all the horses are hand-carved and painted...I will share photos either tomorrow night or Sunday.

I got this card done THIS MORNING before I went to work. I NEVER wake up in time for stuff like that, but this morning I just couldn't sleep.

And now I have kind-of an introspective post, and probably the reason why I couldn't sleep and made this card. People make mistakes and bad decisions through their entire life. It is the imperfect nature of being a human. What molds you into a better person is when you learn from those mistakes and bad decisions. No details, but I have a certain young family member dealing with this right now.

I think it is so important to remind young people, especially teenagers, that there is nothing they can do to lose your love. Anger and disappointment will fade, but the love of family is like a circle...it never ends. I challenge you today to remind the young people in your life that your love for them is constant, and never ending, just like God's love for every person on this earth. Everyone needs that reminder, especially kids and teens. I will be reminding the teenager in my life of that by sending him a card with a personal note just from me.

God Bless,


  1. What a sweet card Lea! And the post about love and family is so so true...

  2. Lea, the card is just beautiful.
    As is the sentiment behind it.
    Good for you!
    hugs, Patrice.

  3. Hey little dolly--you are so sweet and your message is so true. I think we push these yound kids away from us instead of giving them the unconditional love they need to help them back to making better choices for themselves.
    And---bling queen Lea---I ADORE this card!

  4. I absolutely adore this card ... the little jewels on the frame are perfect with your jeweled rainbow and multi-colored sentiment.

  5. This card is pure perfection, amazing job! And so true about family and the teens in our life.

  6. love that card and your message about kids knowing we love them no matter what is so true. it's a powerful thing to know that our family loves us and also that even when it feels like no-one loves us God's love is there as well!

  7. oh my! this card is soooo great! i love rainbows...just plain love it!!


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