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March 10, 2008

I don't have any of my own projects to post tonight, but about every week I check out this blog called "Print & Pattern". It is just full of inspiring items....TONS of them. Here is some total eye candy that I found on the blog sure to check out their actual websites for the full collections. It is all so freaking cute!

Cards- Great Oaks:

Cards- The Carte Postale 2 "Mirabelle" collection:
Cards- NineteenSeventyThree "The Good Life":

Cards- NineteenSeventyThree "Catalina Estrada":

Do you see any of the newest trends in scrapbooking in these items? I sure do!

Happy Monday night,


  1. oooh i heart print and pattern!
    they always have a yummee inspiration. thanks for the yummee eye candy:)

    btw you've been tagged!
    check out my blog

  2. What great links!! Thank you!

  3. oh my! the '1973' brings back memories! and I see the trends, too! tfs, Lea!!

  4. way cool stuff!!! can't wait to see your card for the cps sketch too!

  5. That is a neat blog- thanks for the link!

  6. Just been over to see print and pattern, so much lovely stuff. Thank you :)

  7. Cool stuff....this is what I love about the internet and blogs!! BTW...youve been tagged by me!! :)


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