Big Hugs Little Brother

March 4, 2008

ETA: Casey is out of surgery, and they are on their way home. The doctor said the surgery went well, and Casey's elbow should be on its way to complete healing. He has a follow-up appointment next Wednesday to make sure everything is doing well. He got sick after they brought him out of the anesthesia, but they said that is pretty normal. My dad said he is fast asleep in the backseat of the car, and he will stayed pretty drugged up for a couple of days. HUGS Casey....I love you. Everyone else...thanks for your prayers and well wishes. ~L.

My post today is for my little bro....

...who dislocated his elbow in the post season of football, and will be going in for surgery in 45 minutes to repair the two ligaments that were tore. He has never been under or had surgery before, so we are a little nervous for him. But, he has the best of the best working on his elbow...and we are confident that he will come out of this with a fully repaired elbow. With a lot of physical therapy...he will also be ready for next football season! Go Panthers!

So in honor of Panther football, I have posted a couple of my favorite layouts from the football album that I made for Case. If you want to see the album in its can see every page here (you just have to click on every one), or you can see 20 pages of it here, and you can see them in slide format.

So, my prayers are going out to Casey this morning. I love you little brother, and I am so happy that your elbow is going to get better now! BIG HUGS!

From the best big sister in the world (totally kidding),


  1. Awww, big hugs Lea!! I hope your little brother is better soon!! I'll be saying prayers for him during his surgery!
    I'm so glad you're blogging again!!! HUGS! ~Leslie

  2. awww, sending up a little prayer for your sweet brother!!!! i love all your football pages! they are so crisp and clean. i love them too because MY high school mascot was the panther, and our colors were purple and white! so fun! :)

  3. Lea, I'm sorry that your brother hurt his elbow! Hopefully they can fix him up perfectly. I love the clean, crisp layouts in your album!

  4. My goodness - I hope your brother has a speedy recovery!

    Love your layouts - the action sequence is very cool.

  5. Wow Lea! Here's to a healthy and speedy recovery for your brother!

    love your blingbling . . . !

  6. So happy he's out and doing well, many P&PT's for a speedy recovery. Your football album is amazing!


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